Eurovision 2016

BETTING ODDS : Poland Crashes Down After Their Selection Last Night

Odds March 6th

Who is the favourite to win Eurovision 2016 according to the betting odds?

Well Poland had been the favourites to win Eurovision up until last night. They had held off giants Russia and Sweden.

Margaret and her song ‘Cool Me Down’ had captured the betting public. So all that was needed was for the Polish people to select her – right?

Well there was to be a twist to the tale for the International viewer. Edyta Gorniak (Poland Best result at Eurovision ever) was relegated to 3rd place, Margaret got cooled down to the point of being frozen and came in second and then the winner was Michał Szpak – The Michael Bolton hair of the 21st century.

Betting Mar 6

The international viewer didn’t take into account that Michal is a very well know reality music star who gigs across the country all year-long and has a devout fan base. So #Color of Your Life’ will go to Eurovision.

The betting public reacted and the odds of Poland winning the contest came crashing down after Michal’s victory! From first to 7th and is still drifting.

So who are the favourites now? Well yesterday also saw the final of Melodifestivalen confirmed and the release of Sergey Lazarev’s song for Stockholm. Their odds continue to shorten!

Bottom mar 6

The bottom sees Montenegro rooted to the bottom.

So did Poland miss out on the chance to win the contest? Is it a chance for Sweden and Russia to claim another victory at the contest?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OddsChecker 

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