Eurovision 2016 Betting Odds – All Change!

Betting Odds Feb 29th

It’s Eurovision 2016 and the betting odds are taking shape!

With several countries announcing their songs for Eurovision recently there has been a lot of movement in the Betting Odds.

The big change since our last update is that Russia’s Sergey Lazarev has been knocked off the top spot by Poland. Poland will be selecting their act for Eurovision shortly and there is a lot of interest centered around Margaret and Edyta Gorniak. 

4 countries having being selected and presented their songs have come hurtling into the Top 10 – Latvia’s JUSTS after winning Supernova last night, Jamie-Lee in Germany, Minus One from Cyprus and France who presented Amir today.

The Top to looks like this

Betting as of Fed 29th


So what does the bottom 5 look like on the leader board?

Botton 5 - Fed 29th

What are the most popular bets?

Popular Bets - Feb 29th

The two countries that stand out here are Spain and the UK. Despite a lot of money being spent on the Top 10 countries they have more frequent bets being placed on them but of a lesser amount. Poland still also the most popular bet!

Have you placed a bet yet? On who?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OddsChecker 

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