Eurovision 2016

ROMANIA : Did the Jury go too harsh on M I H A I last night in Eurovision Selection?

Mihai on stage

Were the Jury overly harsh on Mihai’s ‘Paradisio’?

In case you missed it – Catch Up HERE – Mihai thought outside of the box to present his song for the Romanian national selection.

He gave a ‘Tron’ like presentation of ‘Paradisio’ and gave the selection an injection of the unusual. The jury members did however seem overly critical of his decision to not be center stage and placed him in 4th place.

Those that finished above him – though very good – played to Eurovision norms and things that we have seen before at the contest. Should TVR not be looking outside the typical act that we see at Eurovision? The songs that have won recently all have offered something different to the international viewing audience.

mihai score

When selecting a song for Eurovision you need to look at the bigger picture and the stage – something the jury members probably overlooked last night.

The Romanian Final will now be a 100% public vote – so who will Romania think deserves to go to Eurovision?

Who do you think should win in the Romanian Final? See the contenders HERE 


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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