POLAND : Judge and Jury – We Review Napoli’s song ‘My Universe’


On Saturday 5th March, Krajowe Eliminacje 2016 takes place in Poland.  9  songs will go head-to-head and the winner will go on to be the Polish entry for Eurovision 2016 at Stockholm. Let’s take a look at song number six:


Jen’s verdict: Hang on, am I having Deja-vu or did Napoli already audition this song for Belarus? Yes, they did, but only managed second place, losing out to Alexandr Ivanov with ‘How To Fly’. (I remember him, he had nice hair.) This time, Napoli might just crack it with this Eurovision-by-numbers offering. They at least deserve a prize for perseverance. 9 points.

Garrett’s Verdict: It’s always good to recycle. Well this is the second time around for this song this Eurovision! Napoli were in the Belarus national final this year with ‘My Universe’. If one was to be cynical you could say that this song was also at Eurovision 2013 what Zlata from Ukraine brought is a far superior version of this song with her ‘Gravity’. All it needs is a giant! I can’t get excited by this song as we have already seen it live and it failed to rock ‘My World’ never mind ‘My Universe’. 4 points


Elaine’s Verdict: If at first you don’t succeed then try try and try again. Loving the brass neck of trawling through the national finals until someone accepts you – unfortunately not loving the song. I struggled to hear what language she was singing and was surprised to discover it was English (and that is coming from a Scots Woman)
An uninspiring 3 Points from me.


That gives Napoli 16 Points out of 36

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