ROMANIA – Meet XANDRA and her “Superhuman” Song – The Interview


We’re not “Playing with Fire”, but we had the privilege to meet up with  a “Superhuman” contestant taking part in the Romanian semi final coming up on March 4th.

Xandra is her stage name and let’s see what she told us!

Hello Xandra! Can you tell our readers more about yourself? Who is Xandra and when did your passion for music start?

Hello, my name is Alexandra Sipos, for the ones who know me and Xandra is a part of me, what I am and what I want to be in the future. I enjoy very much that people started to get familiar with this name. Xandra is now a much stronger person, confident, who knows what she wants and fights for her dream. I have a passion for music since I was born! God gave me this gift that I have developed since the age of 3 years old when I started to go to shows for children, and at age of 5 my mother enrolled me at the kids’ club on sector 6, where I had the opportunity to have my own songs and I began to participate in competitions.

We heard you have always wanted to participate at Eurovision. What made it possible this year?

I think that Destiny made my dream come true!

Can you tell us more about your song “Superhuman” and its message?

“Superhuman” was born on a social networking site, and the story is really very interesting. The composers of my song, Will Taylor and Jonas Gladnikoff, contacted me on Facebook and proposed to me this collaboration. When I heard this song, it was love at first listening and I can say that I am very happy that from so many good voices in Romania, they chose me.

Tell us three things about yourself that people don’t know

Do you know how much I’ve been waiting for this question? I’m glad you asked it. I can tell you lots of things about me! I am an open  person, straight forward and sincere. And if anyone wants to know me, will see that as difficult I might seem, as simple I am in reality. I like to help people, to give them advice and to share them my thoughts from my experience. That was an intro (Alexandra giggles) Apart from music, without which my life would be a mistake, I love football and boxing. In my free time I go to watch games and I keep in touch with all sport news. And about boxing, I love practicing it too! I have practice 2-3 times a week. With this opportunity I would like to thank my coach Kwadwo Gyan for keeping me in shape!

alexandra boxerita

What do you think is the key element that will attract the public vote?

Simplicity, voice, attitude, positivity and the emotion that I transmit each time when I perform the song.

What message do you want to send to our readers and your fans?

I do not call them fans, but friends and close to heart people.

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I want them to further support the song “Superhuman” if they find themselves in it.

I feel supported by them unconditionally and have no words to thank them.

Dear ones, I wish not to disappoint you and to make you happy and proud of me!

Kisses and love!

Thank you so much for your kind words and best of luck on Friday!

The Romanian Selection Event’s Semi Final will be on March 4th, where 12 acts will compete for a chance to be in the top 6 and progress to the final on March 6th.

Do you like “Superhuman”? Do you think this fighter will win the round and get the golden ticket to the final or even represent Romania at Eurovision? Let us know!


Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: Eurovisionireland

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