POLL UPDATE : Ireland’s Nicky Byrne is still your favourite song of Eurovision 2016

Nicky Sun

The ‘Sunlight’ is still shining bright!

So after the influx of new songs selected for Eurovision 2016 that took place over the last 7 days we have asked you to vote for your favourite so far – SEE HERE


The Top 5 are as follows

Feb 25th


Minus One from Cyprus have come storming into the chart with their song ‘Alter Ego’ and Jamala from Ukraine takes bronze with her song ‘1944’.

So who is the bottom of the table?

Bottom Feb 25th


Tonight we will have the German song selected (Follow our LIVE BLOG HERE) and then it is a Super Final Weekend starting on Friday night with the UK (See our reviews HERE) and then others in Hungary, Finland, Moldova, Slovenia and Latvia.

So we will open up a new poll when we have these songs to add in! Can Nicky Byrne still hold off the competition?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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