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ROMANIA – MIHAI – “Paradisio, from a dream to a Eurovision Song” – The Interview

Mihai The Interview

Mihai sang to us TORNERÒ (I’ll be back) in 2006 and he kept his promise!

This year he is one of the Semi Finalists of the Romanian Selectia Nationala for Eurovision 2016 with his song ‘Paradisio’

We met up with him and asked him about his participation this year. Here is what he had to say!


We are very pleased that you accepted our interview. Mihai, you’re a veteran of Eurovision, what made you decide to come back this year after 10 years from “Tornerò“?


The desire to bring the 1st place to Romania! For 10 years I’ve been dreaming about a song with enough power to win there.  A few months ago PARADISIO appeared and I had exactly that thrill, that feeling who told me that this is it! This is the song I’ve been waiting for!

Of course it can be improved before Sweden, the same as with Tornerò in 2006 and a new video is already being made. Everything can be made better!

It is essential for a song to have a memorable humming chorus that stays in your my mind even from the first listen to attract votes.


The verses were thought to be sensitive, to break out of the Eurovision classic pattern where rhythmic songs are sung only in force.

In my song, in force is only the chorus, that bridge with that long note and the end.

I think this is the song that was expected from Romania for many years!

I need support from all of you and TVR, certainly if they have Paradiso in hand after March 6 , will know how to make it shine, given its positive message, universal and even cosmic!


Mihai Traistariu

Mihai Traistariu

This track allows for a very entertaining staging. All I want is a high level of involvement.

There were in the past Eurovision songs which won more because of the show. I like to think that Paradiso has a lot of voice, a in hit chorus and if the show comes out like I want it, then WOW: there’s no way it can’t win!

These days a new version of the instrumental part will ready so everything is on track.


You are certainly confident in this song! Can you tell us how “Paradisio” came to be and what is its message?


In September 2015 I dreamed that I won Eurovision. I was all dressed in white and was holding the trophy in my arms. Obviously I was crying tears of joy

Somewhere up in the air … my parents appeared, who unfortunately are no longer alive … and from my tear drops I could decipher a word said from my father: Paradisio.

Mihai Cake

I woke up, I wrote the word on a piece of paper and I slept again. After 2 weeks I started making some tracks in the studio for Eurovision. After several days of testing, good and bad, it suddenly came to mind the word written on the sheet of paper: Paradisio

And then I thought: Oh my God, I’m such a baby! Paradisio MUST be the title of the song. And just like that I started working on the song. In one month it was ready.

The message is the most positive message that could ever exist: Paradisio is the Supreme Being that we all seek. In the song I used words like: LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS, FREEDOM … All this equals Paradisio. That’s what we all want to find.


 That was impressive! Can you tell us what is your favourite Eurovision song?


There are so many good songs that I can’t just stop at one. Every year I discover great new songs. I am and I will remain a mega-fan of Eurovision. Two years ago I opened a music school in Constanţa and my students have to study mandatory a few pieces of Eurovision every year, because they are written perfectly, because they have much voice in them and one can make a good show on them.


This year, for the first time ever the public will have the power to choose the winner for Romania. Want do you want to tell to your fans, the public and all readers of


It delights me that the public will decide the winner! After all, they can make or break the song. Any news about Eurovision is welcomed.


Mihai Album 1

As for the fans and readers of, I want to send you the following message:

Dear fans and readers of,

I am returning to the Eurovision stage in 2016 with great thoughts, even huge I can say. Yes! I am determined to bring Romania’s 1st place that we all dream and is much deserved!

I will try my best so you can enjoy and like my song Paradisio. I know it is not easy to win Eurovision, but I have a feeling now more than ever that Paradiso is exactly the song that can win first place

Please support me and if you like it, and share it all over the net to attract as many fans.

Thanks a lot!

Your friend,



We thank you for the interview and wish you good luck!


The Romanian Selection Event’s Semi Final will be on March 4th, where 12 acts will compete for a chance to be in the top 6 and progress to the final on March 6th.

Do you think Mihai will be among the finalists? Do you think he can win it all and bring Romania their first ever Eurovision Victory? Let us know!


Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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