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CROATIA : Nina Kraljić will go to Eurovision 2016 – Good Choice?


It’s ‘The Voice of Croatia’

Nina Kraljić has been internally selected to represent Croatia at Eurovision 2016.

She is a winner of ‘The Voice’ 2015 so performing to a huge tv audience will be something that she is used to.

“It’s a big honour for me that after two years of absence from the Eurovision Song Contest, it is Nina Kraljić, last year’s winner of The Voice, who will represent us” said Croatian Head of Delegation Željko Mesar.

“She will compete in the First Semi-Final and we believe in her success and her trust that she can qualify for the Final on 14 May and sing in front of 200 million TV viewers. Her song will be very interesting, tailored to Nina’s voice, and she will represent us in the best possible way, which only she can do.”

It was probably destiny that she would go to Eurovision as she has already had her ‘Euphoria Moment’. Will it be a winning moment for Nina at Eurovision too?

We await further details on her song.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : HRT


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