ROMANIA – Interview with the National Semi Finalist Ovidiu Anton


The Romanian Selection Event’s Semi Final is less than two weeks away on March 4th, where 12 acts will compete for a chance to be in the top 6 and progress to the final on March 6th.

We met up with Ovidiu Anton, a presence known to the Eurovision public in Romania. With a CV that includes several prizes at singing competitions, participation on The X Factor Romania and 4 times (2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015) on “Selectia Nationala” – the Romanian event for selecting the act to go to Eurovision – Ovidiu is a force to be reckoned with this year!

Last year he came 3rd with the song “Still Alive”, despite coming 2nd with the jury. Here’s what he had to say!

This year he has a powerful rock ballad “ Moment Of Silence” and fans love it.

We know that you are not a new face at “Selectia Nationala”. What made you decide to apply again this year?

Eurovision became a passion of mine, even with good and bad, it gets under your skin. At the same time, it has remained one of the few valuable musical events that I can both enjoy and is a challenge. I am a fighter and can resist many rounds. I don’t give up easily!

Can you tell our readers how “Moment Of Silence” was created?

I wrote this song last year in early November, inspired by people’s dissatisfaction and public opinion at that time. I like to see that we can be united, to feel that together we are strong.

That’s an inspiring message! What is your favorite Eurovision song?

I don’t know that many, but I listen all the time with pleasure “Dincolo De Nori”, Romania’s début entry from 1994.

Can you tell us if there is a song you wish you had written?

Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio – Too Late.

Lastly, do you have a message for our readers and your fans on

To Eurovision Fans, I want to thank them for their support! I’m glad that “Moment Of Silence” unites people, that’s why I composed it.

Thank you for your words and good luck!

What do you think of this song? Can it bring Romania’s first Eurovision win? Let us know!

Author: Bogdan Stefan

Source: Eurovisionireland

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