Eurovision 2016

SAN MARINO : EBU responds to SMRTV claims of “unacceptable” New Eurovision Voting procedure

EBU Responds to SMRTV

New Voting Procedure at Eurovision Questioned by San Marino?

Many of the Eurovision websites awoke this morning to a communication stating that SMRTV (San Marino National Broadcaster) had concerns regarding the new Eurovision voting procedure that was announced last week and how it was decided and communicated to them.

The Director General of San Marino RTV , Mr. Carlo Romeo stated the following

”Small States are, once again, discriminated. Not only, now the discrimination is even formalized. This is barely tolerable and the San Marino national Radio and Television is unsure whether it can tolerate it next year too. It is unbearable that certain decisions are simply communicated and not shared with the involved broadcasters. That said, this is, from our point of view, unacceptable”.

Eurovision Ireland spoke with the EBU’s Senior Communications Officer Mr Dave Goodman on the issue and he advised

“We have, to date, not been approached by SMRTV. We are of course interested to hear their view and to further clarify the new voting format. We would like to reiterate that this decision was taken by the Reference Group and the TV Committee, in line with agreed procedures.”

San Marino will be represented at Eurovision 2016 by Turkish singer Serhat who was internally selected by SMRTV.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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