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FINLAND: Live blog of UMK 2016 Selection #JoinUs at 20:00 CET


Six already chosen, three more tonight. Tonight is the third part of Finland’s quest for more Eurovision glory. Over the last two Saturdays, they’ve started to fill the line-up for the final of UMK – Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu on Saturday 27 February. In a short time, we’ll know the full line-up.

If you’re familiar with UMK, you’ll know that the format is three semi-finals of six songs. The top three in each go through to a nine-song final. Tonight is Semi-final Three. You can read our thoughts on the competitors HERE.

Join us at 20:00 CET for our LIVE BLOG. You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

How To Watch

The Show starts at 20:00 CET

You can watch internationally using the following links HERE  and HERE

Running Order

Lieminen – Pehmeiden arvojen vaalijat

Tuuli Okkonen – Don’t wake me up

Gušani Brothers – Poom poom

Barbe-Q-Barbies – Let me out

Pietarin Spektaakkeli – Liian kuuma

Sandhja – Sing it away

How The Winner Will Be Selected

It’s simple. The three lucky qualifier will be picked by 100% televoting. No juries here.

LIVE BLOG – STARTS AT 20:00 CET – Just Refresh The Page

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 22.46.55

Greetings, Finland watchers, and welcome to the third UMK qualifier. Krista appears to be back from her magical two-places-at-once weekend looking fully refreshed, and Roopa’s looking his usual refined self, so let’s sit back and enjoy the showbiz!

(PS Do bear with me, this is my first attempt at one of these, and I’ve already managed to break the backend of the site twice, so we could be in for a bumpy ride!)

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 23.03.42

Right then, we begin. The Jesus-shaped Leimenen is giving it his full Daft Punk schtick, with curiously bedomed dancers hanging at his every corner. But his flimsy vocals and shuffling dance moves aren’t quite pulling the song out of the mire of ordinariness. Shame really, cos it looks great, and they’ve clearly put some work into in!

Many apologies for the lack of pictures at the moment. We’ll do our best to rectify this as soon as we can. Well, it was all chalk and slate when I were a lad!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 22.48.55

Right, Tuuli Okkonen up next.  Her promo video was a bit of a stunning breathtaker, but will the live show live up to its promise? The next three minutes will tell…

Ooh now, is that dress perhaps a bit too short at the front for a woman of her years? The rain effects looked splendid, but were frequently obscured by banners for a later act – how rude! She also looked way more nervous than you would have expected at the start, but gradually got into it, and by the time the curtain of sparks rained down at the end she was in full flow. Best of the two we’ve seen so far, but a long way to go yet!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 22.49.28

Next! The Gušani Brothers look every bit like the kind of lads who constantly pester your missus (or your mum) on some exotic holiday. Their song should come over as some kind of banging club classic, but despite the slightly overblown self-referential intro, it’s a bit more Butlins in Bognor on a wet Friday in November than an Ibiza party gem. It’s also offered us up the third shakey vocal of the night, which makes me fear that the in-ear monitoring is on the fritz. It got a bit bette when the mobile phone salesman in a cheap suit got up and nearly rapped it bit, but it got a bit dull a bit quickly. Borderline qualifier if it was sunny in Finland today.

Whoa! Another one of those breakneck sprints through Finnish Eurovision history! My beautiful ears!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 22.50.28

Right then, now it gets interesting. Those of you who know me would expect the Barbe-Q-Barbies to be right up my street. But I’m very much of the opinion that no rock is better than bad rock, so let’s see how this flies.

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. No amount of cool tattoos and nifty hair can magnify this pub rock plodder into a half-decent rock ‘n’ roll stomper. The may appear to be the part – aside from the singer, who looks like her mum dressed her – but the song just never gets going. Long three minutes that, although it’s very probably qualifying, worst luck.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 22.50.51

Now it’s time for that Pietarin Spektaakkeli mob that no one can accurately spell first go. Their slick jazz-flavoured skiffle really ought to hit the spot in this nicely varied qualifier, but there’s something a bit too punchable about that singer to fully enjoy it. Looks like he’s just popped in on a break from his day job as a filing clerk, too. The lindyhopping dancers in pink and black were just about the only thing that gave this any fun factor. Not half as clever as it thinks it, but a tricky one to call on the qualifying stakes.

PS Although it may sound like I’m being terribly negative about all this, I’m having a whale of a time, and reckon it’s a pretty nicely varied bunch of songs! I’ve just not been terribly excited by any of them yet.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 22.51.20

Last up it’s Sandhja with her soul-tinged dance number. This sets itself up lim a Eurovision contender, but then the chorus gets all lazy and descends into faux disco. Best vocal performance of the night, mind – by a street. One suspects that this is sailing through – unless there’s been an especially bad boating accident in the vicinity  today.

Right then, that’s the lot. Who do you reckon is going through? A tricky call, this one, and as always, it’s pretty hard to second-guss those inscruitable Finns.

My punt would be Tuuli O, the BBQ Barbies and Sandhja, but I wouldn’t confidently dismiss any of the others – even the flimsy Leimenen…

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 22.52.12

Songs aside, our glamourous hostess Krista is winning this for me tonight, with her comedy t-shirts and her disco kimono and massive pom pom combo. Hang about, is it part of a subtle mind control technique to vote for the G Bros? Hmm…

Time now for lots of green room chatter. The slightly more usual backstage hosts are running through each of the contenders, although my language skills don’t stretch to the finer points of Finnish showbiz criticism – although by now I’m sure you’re doubting whether they entirely stretch to English either.

I’m not entirely sure why, but our front of house hosts just called out the three songs I tipped for qualification success. Early vote leaders? We’ll have to wait and see.

The voting window is closed! Now for some wiggly dancing!

Ooh now! Is this really Tipi Tii spun out into a minimalist hip grinding techo cover version? Top marks!

So, the business end! And the qualifiers are…

BBQ Barbies!

Tuuli O!


Three from three! Beginner’s luck, surely!

Right then boys and girls, that appears to be it for the night in Finland. We have our nine finalists, and it looks like being a brutal bloodbath of an event next week! It’s anyone’s guess who’s going to win the thing – although I get a sneaky feeling that it’s going to come from last week’s three qualifiers. Not quite sure that tonight’s threesome have quite got the legs to challenge the previous trio to the title, but it’s going t be a pretty interesting watch.

Thanks for putting up with my old blather tonight. It was a bit of a last minute thing, bu I enjoyed your company immensely. Onwards and upwards! Right, what else is there still left to watch?

Author:  Roy D Hacksaw

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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