POLL UPDATE (Feb 19th) : Nicky Byrne holds off Barei, Ira Losco & Zoe as your favourite song so far at Eurovision

Poll Update Feb 19th

Who is your favourite song at Eurovision 2016 so far?

With Bosnia Herzegovina releasing their song for Eurovision 2016 tonight – SEE HERE – this is your update on the songs that have been selected so far.

There were 4 clear favourites in our poll and the results were as follows :

Feb 19 2016 results

So Nicky Byrne just managed to hold off Spain’s Barei, Malta’s Ira Losco and Austria’s Zoe.

In the bottom half of the results Denmark and Albania had but 1% of the total vote. Lighthouse X don’t seems to be shining a light on the voters yet!

You can still vote in our on-line international poll HERE

Who get’s your vote before we have another 3 songs selected for Eurovision – Bosnia Herzegovina, Iceland and Ukraine.


Get voting as it’s close at the top!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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