Eurovision 2015

NETHERLANDS : ‘This Is For All The Skeptics’ Says Douwe Bob Ahead Of Eurovision

Douwe Bob and Anouk

NETHERLANDS – Douwe Bob will be responsible for all Dutch hopes at Eurovision 2016 as he looks to bring the country victory at the contest since their last win in 1975.

He is fast becoming one of our favourite Eurovision singers on social media as he makes some awesome videos, takes some weird as hell photos and looks as if he is having a darn good time!

He posted this video on Facebook saying ‘This is for all the skeptics’


If you don’t speak Dutch – then why not? – he is literally taking the proverbial out of those who question his live singing voice and he does it oh so cool!

“People say I can’t really sing that well and that I need technical software help to make it sound ok, I now once and for all want to prove that I can sing without any technical manipulation”

Then #BOOM

Love a guy with a sense of humour!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Take a look at his photo’s on his Facebook Page! There are some cracking ones that beg you to run a ‘Make a Caption’ competition.

Check some of them out if you don’t believe us.



‘Farmboy Bob’ – All we are say is that we hope that wasn’t a BULL #JustSaying!

Balls Please

‘Balls Please’ – and if I have to explain that to you then you are too young to be reading this post!

Douwe Bob


‘Ding A Dong’‘Save All Your Kisses For Me’ Douwe. I’ll see you in Stockholm! No seriously – I’LL SEE YOU IN STOCKHOLM. Forget the restraining order, I collect them for fun!



‘Getting to Know You’ – literally! There’s close and then there’s REALLY CLOSE!

One thinks that Douwe Bob and his team will be fun to say the least at Eurovision! All we can say is ‘no fashion advice from Trijntje Oosterhuis – Ya Hear Me!’


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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