Eurovision Winner (Norway 2009) Alexander Rybak’s Musical Q&A!

Alexander Q and A

One thing we love here at EIHQ is a good old Q&A with former Eurovision winners and contestants. We have a particularly soft spot for 2009 winner Alexander Rybak who scored a victory for Norway with his wonderful song ‘Fairytale’. Since then, Alexander has continued to enjoy a successful musical career and has fans all over the world…including here! (Waves hand) Alexander likes to keep in touch with his fans and regularly answers questions via YouTube (where would we be without it?).  Last week he posted a new Q&A, set, in his own inimitable fashion, to music. Take it away, Alexander!

Q: Despina from Greece asks: “What’s your favourite outfit?”

A: To which Alexander replies (in song) “Batman!”  Did I mention I love superheroes? You can be my Dark Knight anytime, Alexander!

Q: Simone from Romania asks: “Which do you prefer, short showers or long baths?”

A: Alexander duly informs us that he likes short showers, because “I ain’t got time for that.” I don’t know, I quite like a long hot bath. Perhaps he just hasn’t found the right person to share it with? Pass the soap!


Q: Pran from Vietnam enquires: “You have said you like Coca-cola and wine. Do you drink alcohol?”

A: “Of course!” Replies Alexander. “But my favourite 3 drinks are water, water and water. Because it’s healthy.” I’ll drink to that.

Q: Vica asks: “Why is your song, 13 horses, so sad?”

A: “I don’t want to talk about it.” Alexander tells us. “Let’s think of something happy instead. Like Natalie Portman in a swimsuit.” Yes, that would make most men happy, I reckon.


Q: Fellow-Norwegian Rikke wants to know if Alexander likes opera.

A: “Really? Have you never heard me sing?” Alexander likes Mozart, Verdi but especially the famous opera, Carmen. With pipes like that, this guy could give Placido Domingo a run for his money.


Q: A very philosophical question. Marlene from Holland wonders where the line between creativity and insanity is for Alexander.

A: “There is no line.” He replies. “You just need a little bit of…..” What, Alexander, what? No seriously. I can’t make out that last word. Somebody tell me before it drives ME insane!

Q: Stephanie from Sweden asks Alexander if he wears contacts or glasses.

A: The answer? “Both!” We think he can rock both looks. Glasses have that nerd appeal, and in contacts? *sigh*


Q: Lily asks a rather naughty question: “On top or underneath?” Underneath what, Lily? The table?

A: “Behave, woman!” I’m trying. Honestly, I’m trying.


Q: Lan from Vietnam asks: “What do you think of all the women in the countries you have visited?”

A: “I don’t like women.” Alexander replies. WHAAAAAAT?!!  “I love them!” Oooh….you almost had me there, naughty boy!


Q: Lily from Sweden enquires if Alexander would date a women 10 years younger, or 10 years older.

A: “I like them older.” He says. “A woman with experience.” Hang on, Alexander, I’m on my way! Wait, what? I’m married? Oh yes, so I am. (Darn!)


Q: Shavi wants to know if Alexander would like to play with fellow-fiddler Lindsey Stirling.

A: “I don’t know.” He replies. Well, after checking out Lindsey’s ‘Roundtable rival’ video, I think it would be a fantastic idea. Duelling violins, anyone?


Q: Isamil from Turkey wants to know if Alexander likes the Witchers characters. According to my daughter, this is a video game. (Yes, I’m over 40. I don’t always get these things!)

A: “I love them. Especially the ginger woman who’s name is Triss.” Hey, I have red hair. That’s ginger, right? Alexander? Hello?


And now some questions from our Russian fans. Answered in Russian too. Is this man multi-talented or what?


Q:  “After such a great Russian debut with the song ‘Kotik’, don’t you want to make a Russian album with new Russian songs?” Enquires Margarita, presumably from Russia.

A: “There will be songs.” He promises. “Don’t know about albums. But there will be songs.” Good news for the Russian fans. Mind you, I don’t care what language Alexander sings in, just as long as he sings!


Q: Evgenia asks: “How many times have you been heartbroken?”

A: “Oh, many, many, many, many times.” Really? Poor boy. Still, I’m sure there are plenty of ladies willing to help mend that broken heart. So take a ticket and get in line girls. (Behind me!)

“But now I really, really, really have to go!” And he’s gone.


Well, Alexander, your fans thank you for taking time to answer their questions in such a fun and entertaining way. If only all Q&A’s could be set to music. Until next time!


We want MORE singing Q&A’s!


Author : Jennifer Roche

Source : Eurovision Ireland











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