Eurovision 2016

SWEDEN : Molly Sanden’s Melodifestivalen song ‘YOUniverse’ leaked on Amazon

Molly Sanden YouNiverse

If it can happen in Denmark it can happen in Sweden.

Molly Sanden is not scheduled to be at Melodifestivalen yet but her song ‘YOUniverse’ has been placed on Amazon to pre-order which includes a short sample of the song. You can LISTEN HERE 

Papa Schlager – aka Christer Bjorkman – won’t be happy with this mistake considering the slight oops made in week one with Anna Book’s song.

Besides Molly’s song getting an early play, what do you think of the snippet? Should all the remaining songs in her heat be allowed to release a short clip now to maintain fairness? Dilemmas dilemmas!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Amazon and Aftonbladet

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