POLL UPDATE : Nicky Byrne & Barei are your favourite songs so far at Eurovison 2016

Feb 10 2016

If you feel the ‘Sunlight’ then ‘Say Yay’

As of February 10th our readers have two clear favourites in our on-line poll for their favourite song of Eurovision 2016.

It has been like a Eurovision see-saw with the vote changing between Ireland’s Nicky Byrne and Spain’s Barei.

The votes so far are as follows :

Feb 10th


Eneda Tarifa from Albania will be releasing a new song from that which she won Festival i Kenges so that most certainly is why she is bottom of the poll. She is #Amazing so we look forward to her new song.

The poll will stay open for another day as come Friday we will have another member of the ‘Class of Eurovision 2016’ courtesy of Austria.

You can still vote in this current poll by CLICKING HERE


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland




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  1. YES indeed. 🙂 Ireland’s song is the best song so far among in these 6 songs 🙂
    Its the only song that i really like 🙂
    Here is my full ranking top.

    1) IRELAND ~ 8/10. – Great & hella catchy song! ❤
    2) ALBANIA ~ 5,5/10 – Descent nice song.
    (although they will revamp their song 4 Stockholm)
    3) BELGIUM ~ 5/10 – Good enough & fun song.
    The 3 songs that i like.
    4) MALTA ~ 3,5/10 – Its not bad song but needs revamping!
    5) SPAIN ~ 3/10 – Mediocre & rather annoying song!
    6) BELARUS ~ 2/10 – I don't like it.Its just bland song for me.

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