Eurovision 2016

IRELAND : Nicky Byrne signs new music contract & ‘Sunlight’ gets a release date

Nicky Sing

The ink is only minutes dry and we have the picture to prove it

Yes Ireland’s entrant for Eurovision – and all round #GoodGuy #HeartThrob – Nicky Byrne has just signed his solo recording contract.

Universal Music took to Instagram seconds ago to show the moment when Byrne joined the collective…sorry FAMILY at Universal.

First job is to give Nicky’s Eurovision song ‘Sunlight’ a release date and that is now confirmed as Friday February 12th. This will be followed up with a TV performance on the Ray D’Arcy show on Saturday February 13th – SEE HERE HOW TO WATCH. 

So the Eurovision buildup has commenced.

What position do you think ‘Sunlight’ will enter the Irish charts at?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Instagram and Eurovision Ireland


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  1. dont see it doing really well in the charts here. (unless he does some in-store signings. i’d say might just make top 10. way too early to release it. The eurovision is a seasonal thing. 2fm will be the only station to give it heavy airplay, for obvious reasons. regarding eurovision, he might make it out of the semis, but song isnt good enough to make the top 10 I think.

  2. I really like his song! ❤ Its my #1 favorite so far and i really think that when all 43 countries will have chosen their songs,*SUN LIGHT* will still be one of my top10 favorites! ❤
    And its just a shame because at first i didn't really like this song! But it grew on me hella thankfully! 🙂
    I think that Ireland can qualify to the Final this year! And get placed on a descent nice place 🙂
    (not finish on last place like it sadly happened in 2013 when Sweden last had hosted the EuroVision)
    But i dunno if the Ireland can win for a record 8th time in Eurovision this year.

    Nicky is hella hot babe! ❤ 😉

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