Eurovision 2016

LATVIA : LIVE BLOG of Announcement of Supernova 20 Contestants HERE at 20:25CET

Supernova Announcement

LATVIA : LIVE BLOG of Announcement of Supernova 20 Contestants HERE at 20:25CET

Earlier today we told you that Latvia would be announcing their 20 Eurovision 2016 hopefuls who will compete in Supernova 2016.

Elaine will bring you the news as it happens beginning at 20:25 CET. She is hoping for some ‘Love Injected’ into her Sunday night viewing!

You can listen to all the SONGS HERE

How To Watch


If you are stuck on the date from hell or looking at a boring movie (have you seen Joy 😦   – Ironic title) well then just refresh our page here and get the names of the artists as they are released on TV.

Show starts at 20:25CET and you can watch using the following Links – HERE  or HERE 


LIVE BLOG – 20:25 CET – With Elaine


Well thanks for the build up Garrett. Unfortunately I come to you all live from my sick bed and the only thing being injected into me is a strong dose of anti-biotics, but never mind that. I always enjoy covering the Latvian selection shows. My first dabble into Eurovision was 2008 in Serbia where I met the gorgeous Roberto Meloni and his Pirates of the Sea and I have had a fondness for all things Latvian since then. I look forward to sharing with you, the next list of contestants who wish to step up and take over where Aminata left off last year. She qualified for the Final for the first time since Roberto and Co in 2008 and finished in a very respectable 6th place overall.

Here we go

Semi-Final 1 – Sunday 7th February

Paula Dukore – ‘Look in the Mirror’

ElektroFolk – ‘Miracle Drums’

Rūta Dūduma – ‘Being a Friend’

Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis – ‘We are the Light’

Sabīne Berezina- ‘My Inspiration’

Edvards Grieze – ‘New Day’

Marta Grigale – ‘Choices’

Catalepsia – ‘Damnation’

Samanta Tina – ‘We Live for Love’

Justs – ‘Heartbeat’

Semi-Final 2 Sunday 14th February

Madara Grēgere – ‘You and I’


Crow Mother – ‘Demons’

Samanta Tina – ‘Love is Forever’

Markus Riva – ‘I Can’

MyRadiantU – ‘We Will Be Stars’

Mārtiņš Ruskis – ‘Still Holding Stars’

DVINES – ‘Set It On Fire’

Marta Ritova – ‘Not From This World’

Miks Dukurs – ‘Paradise’

Iluta Alsberga – ‘On Hold’


As you can see above, there are several returning artists to Supernova and notably Samanta Tina with 2 entries – one in each semi-final. Who stands out for you and who do you think will make it to the Supernova Final? Let us know!

Author/Writer: Elaine Dove










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