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Financial Difficulties Facing Bosnia Herzegovina Broadcaster ahead of Eurovision 2016


Bosnia & Herzegovina Broadcaster In Financial Difficulties

Eurovision is a contest between Broadcasters and therefore is not ‘political’. That is the official stance and it then comes as worrying news when we read that the national broadcaster of BHRT is reporting financial difficulties potentially resulting in the loss of employment and services.

The management board of BHRT (National Broadcaster of Bosnia & Herzegovina) met and advised that they need a new financing structure with a long-term plan to be put in place or they cannot continue to provide their services.

How deep is the reported issue?

The broadcaster allegedly requires €250,000 to pay for current minimal services that include labour. The station has reduced labour costs by €500,000 already over the past year, so this current shortfall is a serious issue for them.
Increases to taxation of citizens could be a source of the needed revenue for BHRT but that has not been discussed by the government as of yet.

What could be the implications for Eurovision?

The cost of entering the Eurovision Contest and the expenses associated with travelling to Stockholm do provide over 8 hours of prime time broadcasting for broadcasters, but that might be a challenging journey for BHRT to make considering their announced financial situation.

Deen, Dalal and Ana will represent Bosnia & Herzegovina at Eurovision 2016 with a song composed by Almir Ajanović – SEE HERE
We await further news from the broadcaster. The last contest where Bosnia Herzegovina participated in was in 2012 when they qualified for the Grand Final.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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