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BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA : “Our Song Is Unusual That Nobody Will Expect”


Deen, Dalal and Ana will represent Bosnia & Herzegovina at Eurovision 2016 with a song composed by Almir Ajanović. In a TV interview they spoke of what we can expect.

Deen conformed that the song will not be released until February of next year. The singers went on to say that “Our Song Is Unusual That Nobody Will Expect”. 

They want to keep the element of surprise for as long as possible.

How are the 2 singers feeling of the collaboration?

Dalal said “With me I have my best friend. No matter what happens we will fight together.”

When asked about block voting and how that might impact their chances they said

“I think that the song is the most important thing. It is said that the regional vote can affect the results, but Marija Serifovic won for Serbia and all of Europe voted for her.”

Is their pressure on the trio to score well at the contest?

“There is great euphoria because Bosnia & Herzegovina has not participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for the last three years. We’ll be back with great enthusiasm. I am pleased that Bosnia & Herzegovina will be part of the great music and stories of the European family” Deen said.

Meanwhile Ana was not in the studio as she was performing and ask you can see – she gives 200% at her shows!

You can see the full interview HERE

So what style of song do you think we can expect from Deen, Dalal and Ana at Eurovision? Dance or Ballad?

Have your say.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : N1


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