Eurovision 2016

RADIO : Glen’s 24 Hour Charity Eurovision W12P Returns! The details HERE

Glen Clock

Last January, Glen Bartlett undertook the biggest W12P ever – a 24 hour marathon of everyone’s favourite Eurovision radio show. This forthcoming Easter, 26th-27th March 2016, Glen returns with his 24hr Eurovision Party on Oystermouth Radio.

Glen in Papers

Last year, Głen along with a dedicated support team, including myself, succeeded in not only smashing his £500 target for Bloodwise UK (formerly known as Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research), but ended up raising just over £1700.

During the 24hr broadcast, Glen not only spoke to people here in the UK, but spoke to people internationally including Germany, Ukraine, America, Malta and Venezuela. Expect many of last year’s contributors to return again for the 2016 marathon – for Bloodwise UK and The Mumbles Development Trust.

Glens Party

My main contribution last year, was part of the Junior Eurovision hour alongside David Mann (Radio International) and Glen. Also, friend to Eurovision Ireland, Samantha Ross (ESC Insight), joined Nathan Waddell (Radio International) for a special edition of their semi-regular feature on W12P, the Great Debate.

Glen shattered

Donations for Glen’s 24hr Eurovision Party 2016 on behalf of Bloodwise UK and The Mumbles Development Trust can already be made. On the Internet, go to or text EURO97 £5 to 70070.

Don’t forget, to listen to the show on 26th-27th March, visit or on the TuneIn app by searching Oystermouth Radio.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: ESC News Group, W12P and Glen Bartlett

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