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UK : The Acts We Wished the BBC Would Have Sent to Eurovision – Part 1

Ones that got away Part 1

With news trickling out this week from the BBC about what is to come for the UK national selection in February, I got thinking about who we’ve sent to Eurovision in the past. And that got me thinking about who we didn’t send to Eurovision but maybe should have. So here are 5 of ten UK singers and bands who’ve never flown the flag for the UK but would have (in my opinion at least) have made great UK representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest.


Why, oh why, did we not send Michael and Andrew, especially in the ‘Club Tropicana’ era, I mean seriously, the video for that song has got Eurovision written all over it! In all seriousness though following up the 1981 UK win by Buck’s Fizz with Wham could have been a stroke of genius for the BBC, and it was all jury votes back then, I think it would have been a great move. Speedos optional though!

Kenny Thomas

As the 90’s descended there was a bit of an easy-soul and R&B vibe that got going on the UK music scene. I got a Saturday job in 1992 at a music store and we would play a lot of Kenny Thomas in the shop for our customers to enjoy whilst choosing their next video (!) purchase. Of course my favourite song was ‘Thinking About Your Love’, and I do think that Kenny Thomas would have been a great choice for Eurovision in the early 1990s. Good looks and great voice he could have challenged Ireland’s winning streak in the contest.

Transvision Vamp

I was about 11 when Wendy James and her baby pink lipstick flashed across my radar in the late 1980’s, and I fell in love instantly, she was like Madonna, but British and that in my book was a great combination. Transvision Vamp are most definitely in my school disco memories and still on my Deezer playlist today. I really think Transvision Vamp would have been a great choice for Eurovision and could have garnered the UK another win in the 16 years in between 1981 and 1997. Yugoslavia sent a similar band in 1990 and they came 5th, we could have got there first. ‘Baby I Don’t Care’ is their most famous single, but my favourite was ‘Landslide of Love’.

Clean Bandit

It’s not too late BBC! They are still very much around and probably best known for their collaboration in 2014 with Jess Glynne ‘Rather Be’. Clean Bandit are a wonderful mix of classic, electronic, pop (and sometimes comedy) and I think they would really stand out at Eurovision as something different with their fuse of musical styles that just works so well. I think they would do well with jury’s, the voting public and give a great performance in the hall too. Yes, Clean Bandit would have definitely brought something new to Eurovision and some much needed points to the scoreboard. Even they could write and produce a song for a UK entry. With over half a Billion – yes Billion – hits on YouTube I think people like them and would possibly get some yummy M&S food with them too!


Oh Sinitta, she of the leafy bikini on X-factor! Back in the 1980’s Sinitta was one of pop’s bright young things, she even attempted to enter Eurovision in 1984, by 1987 she was pretty well known around Europe. She knew how to deliver a song, would have charmed everyone around her and would have had Simon Cowell at her side, I think if Sinitta had represented the UK there would have been some serious points to be had. It does look as though the video budget for ‘So Macho’ was about £3.50 and made in a pokey little flat, but things had improved by the time ‘Toy Boy’ was released in 1987!


So there you have my first pick of 5 acts that the BBC should have courted for Eurovision and I don’t mean take out for a romantic Nando’s complete with desert.

These acts could have seriously made an impact on the left hand side of the score board.

What you think of my first pick? Would you agree with them? Who would you like to have seen over the years at Eurovision for the UK?

Comment below!


Author : Lisa-Jayne Lewis

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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