Eurovision 2015

SPAIN : ‘Hola España’ – Listen to the 3 Minute versions from the Eurovision 2016 hopefuls

Spanish National Finalists 2016

SPAIN : Yesterday TVE gave us a cheeky teaser of the songs for the Spanish Eurovision selection. Today they bare all and give us the Full Monty and release the 3 minute versions of the songs. Want to hear them? Well this is a LIVE BLOG – So come back at 17:00CET and just refresh the page for the full versions of the songs.

As we know, TVE has selected 6 songs by 6 different artists and 6 different styles to compete for the honour to represent Spain next may in Globen arena in Stockholm. The lucky 6 are Xuso Jones, Salvador Beltrán, Maverick, María Isabel, Electric Nana and Barei. Let’s now take a deeper look to their songs and the first impressions once we have heard the snippets.

Live 1


Xuso Jones is a young singer from the beautiful town of Murcia. His song is international, Swedish songwriters (Andreas Öhrn and Peter Broström) such a classic nowadays in Eurovision terms.


Live 3

Salvador Beltrán is a young songwriter that will defend his own song in the national final. He previously said that his song was full of optimism and pretended to show Europe the happiness of all Spain.



Maverick is another young singer that comes with something that would be fresh for Eurovision and that is what we call “electro-latino” songs. The main artist of this style, Juan Magán, is the one composing the song. And I personally hope a lot for this one.



María Isabel is back! We barely knew anything from her since her victory on the junior contest back in 2004 with “Antes muerta que sencilla” which still sounds from time to time at popular parties in Spain. Now she’s back with a dancing fresh song. This will be a serious contender to win the final.


Electric Nana is an indie singer that comes with an enthusiastic song. She’s been some years acting on tv shows with a famous DJ in Spain, Carlos Jean, and giving her voice to some of his creations. Last summer she has launched her own singles for the first time and on a very different style and getting a big success. Her song “won’t stop” has been aired for such a longtime by almost every radio station of Spain.


Live 4

Finally yet importantly, we have Barei with her pop sound with electronic bases. She composes in English and makes an interesting mix of American soul and black music with powerful lyrics. She’s one of the most unknown singers of the group so her song can be boosted with this surprise effect and she can be considered as a serious contender to win the final too.



Running Order For Final


1st – Maverick

2nd – Barei

Live 2

3rd – Salvador Beltrán

4th – Electric Nana

5th – Xuso Jones

6th – María Isabel

So there you have it. The 6 full songs in the Spanish National Selection for Eurovision 2016. Who gets your maracas shaking the most? Is there another song there that can help give Spain another victory at Eurovision since their last in 1969?

Let us know.

Comment Below!


Author : Imanol Recio Erquicia

Source : TVE



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