Eurovision 2015

SPAIN : Listen To Clips of the 6 Songs in the Spanish Eurovision Selection Final

Language for Spanish 2016 Contestants

SPAIN – They are determined to keep us guessing just a little longer until we hear the 6 songs in contention to represent Spain at Eurovision 2016.

Six artists have been selected and they had potential directions to ensure that their songs contained Spanish that confused some of the confirmed candidates – SEE HERE.

Today TVE supplied us with a 30 second clip of each of the songs

Xuso Jones

Murcia born singer  Xuso Jones has a song composed by Andreas Öhrn and Peter Boström (the latter closely linked to the Eurovision Song Contest, co-author of “Euphoria” and “Dawn”, among many others “) and eager to do “something new, dance, cane and original” .



Salvador Beltran

The young composer Salvador Beltran comes with his own composition where the theme is “full of optimism and Europe showing the cheerful character of the Spaniards” .




Maverick  comes to the competition with a song composed by Juan Magan, Darlyn Cuevas “DCS” and Giuseppe Olivares Luiggi  ” designed to get people on their feet for a party!



Maria Isabel

Maria Isabel has already conquered Eurovision when she won the Junior Contest for Spain in 2004. She is back and has all grown up and still has that amazing voice. This is a dance song. 



Electric Nana

Electric Nana  has dreamed of being at Eurovision for all her life and she is ‘overcome with excitement’ to be given this opportunity. ” For the first time I’ve come up with a sound project that I think may appeal to people, “says the singer.




Barei  aspires to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with  a “pop of electronic beat and a very modern sounding ” song .  “I compose in English and  do a very international and current pop , with lyrics that contain a clear message , “says Barei . Expect a lot of “American pop, soul and black music” .




So what do you think of the clips of the songs that we have heard today? Which ones excite you the most? Is there a Eurovision winner among them?

Comment Below!


Author/Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : RTVE

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