BETTING ODDS : Interesting bets you can get for Eurovision and Sanremo 2016

Overall Betting As Jan 19

BETTING ODDS – With only 3 songs selected for Eurovision 2016 – Nicky Byrne from Ireland, Laura Tesoro from Belgium and Eneda Tarifa from Albania you would imagine that the betting odds for the contest would not be up to much at the moment.

How wrong you would be. We already posted yesterday the Betting Odds for the Melodifestivalen 2016 Winner (SEE HERE) but there are a lot of other betting offers out there at the moment.


Outright Winner Jan 19th

These odds are on OddsChecker and the interesting thing is that you have to scroll down to 14th place before you come across a country where the singer and song are selected and that is Ireland’s Nicky Byrne.

It seems already that there is no budging Sergey Lazarev from Russia from the top spot. Closely followed by host nation Sweden. There has been little if no change on that score.

If you go to Paddy Power you can get some better odds on some countries. Ireland is 6th favourite to win there – patriotism!

Outright winner Jan 19 PP

Fancy a flutter on the winner of Italy’s Sanremo contest? Well you can do so on Betfair and you will see that the favourite is Annalisa. The complete odds for Sanremo are as follows

Sanremo Betting Odds Jan 19

It always surprises me how people are willing to part with their money so early in the contest season. However it should be worth noting that having an early betting odds can work in your favour. It does lead to media interest surrounding an entry being strong and that could translate into air play in certain parts of Europe where Eurovision music make the A-playlists. So before one writes off the early betting odds they do come with their advantages to an act.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : OddsChecker, Paddy Power and Betfair


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