BELGIUM : Live Rolling Blog Of Eurosong Final to Select Eurovision Act for 2016

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BELGIUM – Tonight you can follow our Live Blog Here of the Belgian Grand Final in Eurosong as they search for their entry for Eurovision 2016. In case you haven’t seen it here are our Top 10 Greatest and Controversial Moments from Belgium’s Eurovision History – HERE

The 5 Acts will perform full versions of their potential Eurovision entries. We heard the stripped back versions last week – SEE HERE

How And When To Watch

The show starts at 20:25 CET

You can watch live using these links HERE and HERE

We will hand out our #MagicMic Award tonight. Don’t know what our#MagicMic Award is then SEE HERE


  • Adil Aarab – In Our Nature
  • Amaryllis Uitterlinden – Kick The Habit
  • Astrid Destuyver – Everybody Aches
  • Laura Tesoro – What’s The Pressure
  • Tom Frantzis – I’m Not Lost

The singers will perform their entry and then the 10 International Juries (SEE HERE)will vote on the songs as will the public. This will create a Top 5 and the Top 2 songs and singers will go into a Superfinal in which the Public vote will solely select the winner and representative for Eurovision.




The show starts at 20:25 CET. You know the drill. Just hit refresh to see our comments on the songs. Get involved and tweet us your thoughts and suggestions on who should get the #MagicMic award using the hashtag itself.

Our five lucky finalists are altogether on a nice sofa, just to show there’s no animosity between them all, and they’re all bestest pals really.

Our host introduces the Swedish candidate for Mr Eurovision – Christer Björkman – no doubt he’ll be clocking up the airmiles over the coming weeks.

We get a treat next, yep, even more treatworthy than Mr B. That’s Hadise She was a Turkish entrant but a native of plucky little Belgium. Perhaps she has a new album to plug. She performs a short medley of some songs, ending with Düm tek tek. Big cheers from the crowd, as they’re only here for Eurovision-ness.



First on is Adil. He won our EI jury vote if you remember. There’s lots of fluorescence from his interpretive dancers. Their body paint looks almost Aboriginal. It’s a very strong opener which the crowd love. His voice perhaps isn’t the most powerful, but this song really suits it and gets the best out of it. The crowd love it.

Adil Final

Hadise and Christer offer some words of wisdom. He likes it, but it might need a bit of work, he says.


Laura has gone all uptempo and means business.  She has backing singers and a big pixel-ly waist-height wall behind her to give it that disco effect.She walks around a bit frightening the life out of the Steadicam operator, who has trouble keeping up with her. It goes down well.

Laura Final

Christer says she needs to continue practicing.



A guitar riff opens Tom’s song. He’s looking moody in a nonchalant rocker sort of way. He moves around little, but doesn’t need to as his competent backing band are working nicely. I had this second before tonight,; now it just has the edge.

Tom Final

Christer likes it. It’s solid and powerful he says.


Astrid has a nice little slow song. I’ve heard stuff like this before – some better and some worse. It’s just a little bit to “meh” for me. On the plus side, she’s a pretty young thing. She has some assistance on stage from individuals clad in black. There’s also a bit of soft-focus to give it that ethereal effect. In my opinion, it’ll need more than that.

It doesn’t float Christer boat – an interval act song no less – but he likes her as a person. Isn’t that all that matters?

Now here’s a contender for Magic Mike. Plucky little Belgians dressed as blond-haired Vikings, replete with horny helmets, big wooden shields and, erm, convincing Swedo-Dutch accents. Only at Eurovision…


Last but not least is the demure Amaryllis. She’s singing in what looks like the Amber Room in the Hermitage in St Petersburg. But without the amber. And more standard lamps. And dry ice. Whilst she’s kicking the habit, a spider’s web – yes, a real one – appears that she looks like she’s attached to. Another Magic Mike moment if ever there was one, and it outshines the Belgian Vikings by a country mile. The web is, of course, there to show she was once tied down and is now free to go her own way. Sadly, all of these things take your mind away from the song. It could do well, but I still think Tom has it in the bag.


Christer is puzzled. There’s lots of stuff going on he says. It’s a musical song. He gets booed.


Ok we have all the songs performed – Phew!

Time to talk and reflect on the journey for the artists!


#MagicMic Award Goes To

#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design


Ok John reviewed the show and he is gone off to enter a quiz! But he told me that his vote for #MagicMic award goes to the disappearing spiders web from Amaryllis and her floating lamps and the dudes that looked like they were going to run off with the props!



Now we have a TV break – ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! The show starts back at 22:15 CET – so rejoin us then!


3…2…1 – We are back on!!!

The Jury and Public Votes combines give the Top 5

Laura V Tom


The Super Final 2 Contestants

Laura and Tom now make the Superfinal and the Belgian public will vote for their favourite now!


The Ultimate Winner

Laura Tesoro with her song ‘What’s The Pressure’ will go to Stockholm.

What do you think of the winner? Would you have picked that song?


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