Eurovision 2015

JEDWARD : ‘No Sign Of ISIS..World Peace Everybody’ & Those UK Eurovision Rumors

Jedward on ISIS

JEDWARD landed in Hungary recently while they were on a recent tour. Greeted at the airport by their fans it was the usual energy from the brothers. Grabbing the mic from reports there, they started their interview with

‘No sign of ISIS. World peace everybody’.

Realising what they said they then joked and asked if they could take that part out of the video. It seems like their pleas fell on deaf ears as it remains.

Ok guys – you know we love you but let’s leave the politics to the politicians in the boring dark suits.

They went on to explain that their fans were worried for their safety and were tweeting them about the current political situation. How Jedward fans are growing up and getting involved in politics. Hey wait a minute. Am I changing my mind on Jedward talking about ISIS? Well if they get their fan base talking about the subject then that has to be good…right? Ok so let’s slick back their hair and get them in power suits and send them to the UN. Maybe they have something here?

The guys then spoke of their upcoming music and how they are friends with Ed Sheeran. Hey maybe Ed could write a song with them or even a duet? Am I getting ahead of myself here?

On other rumors – and they are rumors – it has been mentioned that the brothers may have entered a song into the UK’s national selection process – either as writers or as performers.

Now that would be interesting!

For now we know that Jedward are talking about ISIS and calming their fans. Did you ever think you would see Jedward and ISIS in the same sentence?

It looks like the ‘Waterline’ has risen!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Moasic TV



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