BELGIUM : Top 10 Greatest and Most Controversial Moments From Eurovision History

Top 10 Moments from Belgium

BELGIUM : With the Eurosong Final tomorrow and a place at Eurovision 2016 on offer we, thought it best to look at our Top 10 moments in the country’s history at the contest – Some Triumphs and some Controversial moments.

#Belgium Let’s take a look at their top 10 Eurovision moments

10)In 2010 Tom Dice, runner-up of the Belgian version of The X Factor in 2008 represented the country with his song ‘Me and my Guitar’. Tom Dice finished 1st in the first semi-final, allowing Belgium to participate to the final for the first time since the introduction of the semi-finals. He eventually finished 6th, Belgium’s best result since 2003.

9) In 2011, Belgium sang completely acapella. “With Love Baby” was sang by Witloof Bay at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany. They were chosen after winning the Eurovision 2011: Qui? A vous de choisir! contest. The song consists solely of vocalizations; neither instruments nor a synthesizer are used – a first for Eurovision. At Eurovision the song was 1 point shy of making the final behind Moldova which had 54 points.

8)In 2015, “The Voice Belgique” participant Loïc Nottet represented Belgium with his song ‘Rhythm Inside’. In the semi-final he came second with 149 points. In the final Loïc finished fourth with 217 points. This was highest amount of points ever awarded to Belgium. It was also the first time ever that an entry who finished fourth scored over 200 points.

7) The Eurovision Song Contest of 2009 was a complete disaster for Belgium. Patrick Ouchène was selected to represent the country with the song ‘Copycat’. Belgium participated in the first semi-final on 12 May 2009, however they received just one point which came from Armenia and left them in second-last position.
6)In 2003 Belgium took to the Eurovision stage with the most bizarre of entries. Urban Trad sang in an invented language earning second place with 165 points

5) In 1986, the youngest ever winner of the Eurovision brought Belgium to victory. Sandra Kim won with her song ‘J’aime la vie’. Although she claimed to be 15, she was actually only 13-years-old. The singer was allowed to keep the victory which has been the only time Belgian has won at the Eurovision. The minimum age to enter the Eurovision is 16 at present, so Sandra Kim will remain the youngest winner unless the age limit was ever to be lowered.

4) On a similar note, Belgium scored an absolute record at the time in 1986, with Sandra Kim earning a never seen before amount of 176 points. This record remained intact until 1993 when Ireland scored 187 points. Kim received an average of 9.26 points per voting nation and still ranks 7th among all Eurovision winners.
3)In 2002 Swedish and Belgian TV commentators told viewers not to vote for the Israeli singer Sarit Hadad due to her nationality. The comments sparked global outrage and erupted into a global controversy. Hadad received zero points from the Swedish audience but earned two from the Belgians, finishing 12th overall with her song ‘Light a Candle’.

2) 1978: Jordanian television refused to broadcast Israeli entry “A-Ba-Ni-Bi”, by Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta, and showed photos of daffodils on screen instead. When Israel became the clear winners during the voting, most Arabic stations ended their transmission of the contest. When Israel won that year Jordanian media announced that second place Belgium had won.

1) Belgium’s preselection for the 1983 Eurovision song contest has gone down as the most controversial in Belgian Eurovision history. Extreme hostility was shown towards Pas de Deux’s victory with the song ‘Rendez-vous.’ The audience appeared to be rooting for a Bart Kaëll win, and as it became obvious midway through the voting that Pas de Deux were heading for a clear victory. Many walked out in disgust, jeering and catcalling the victors. Pas de Deux had to sing their winning song to what remained of the audience who booed throughout the performance. Don’t believe us then take a look at this!

So what can we expect from the Belgian Eurosong Final tomorrow? Hopefully no booing! The Betting odds and Public opinion seem to be varied where you read SEE HERE

We just know we will be watching and blogging the live show.

What do you think of our Top 10 Moments from Belgium at Eurovision? Do you agree with us? What are your highlights from Belgium at Eurovision over the years?

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Author Hannah White

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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