BELGIUM : Live Blog Starts At 20:25 CET in Eurosong Semi Final for Eurovision #JoinUs

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BELGIUM – Tonight you can follow our Live Blog Here of the Belgian Semi Final in Eurosong as they search for their entry for Eurovision 2016.

The 5 Acts will performed stripped back versions of their potential Eurovision entries. We heard clips of them recently – SEE HERE

How And When To Watch

The show starts at 20:25 CET

You can watch live using these links HERE and HERE

We will hand out our FIST #MagicMic Award tonight. Don’t know what our #MagicMic Award is then SEE HERE




You know the drill. Just refresh the page for the updates and let’s have some fun on this cold winter’s night. Have your say with us and use the #MagicMic hashtag to tell us who should win.


Here we go!

Handsome host – 12 Points



Ah we meet the Mama’s of the singers #Sweet


What has happened to Belgium’s 1991 Eurovision entrants? Well they are here!

Belgium 1991

Then they sing ‘J’aime La Vie’ #FAB. The best Sandra Kim tribute Act ever 😉



Beverley Jo Scot is a judge tonight on the show and she has just delivered a line on prime-time tv that would have most producers and hosts shaking in their underwear – but not in Belgium. When asked what advice she could give the acts she said with a dead pan face ‘Don’t belive your own shit!’ …And she looked so polite!



  • Adil Aarab – In Our Nature


Lying down on the job but I don’t mind if Belgium sends us this funky song! Adil knows how to sell a song to the camera and this was a contemporary song about a ‘song of hope in a time of struggle’. I agree with Beverly Jo the judge as this song is 90% there. Adil can go that extra 10% vocally and give the song that climax that we all look for in 3 minutes #JustSaying. This song has serious potential and with a little polishing this could explode 😉

  • Amaryllis Uitterlinden – Kick The Habit

Kick The Habit

Well the first habit to kick is the stylist as that outfit aged the young Amaryllis and did nothing for the image of the song. There was a song struggling to get out of there like Jonathan from the Celebrity Big Brother House. Did it pack a punch that would stand out with just 3 minutes on a Eurovision stage – no it would be a step back from Loic from last year and see Belgium stuck in the Semi Finals. There was no habit there for me to kick! I’m already over the song!

  • Astrid Destuyver – Everybody Aches


Well yes – ‘Everybody Aches’ while waiting for this song to kick in! The verses of the song are distinctively lacking any beat, melody and engagement. It is when you get to the chorus is when you get some shades of hip-hop and interest. This would be a lavatory break at Eurovision or when you go and put on the kettle to make a cup of tea. It left me cold like a block of ice cream in the artic under a ton of snow. YES COLD and Yes ‘Everybody Aches’ after that song.

  • Laura Tesoro – What’s The Pressure


So that is what it looks and sounds like when Belgian people are having fun! Laura may not be a Celine Dion vocally but she makes up for it with charisma, energy and sex appeal. This is very Bruno Mars and Fleur East in style. This has Eurovision potential written – no STAMPED all over it. I even shock my booty to this one!

  • Tom Frantzis – I’m Not Lost


I’ve lost my way in Tom’s eyes, smile and bearish charms! This is a Coldplay song for Eurovision from a very likable singer. I’ll be his Goldilocks anyday! This is so ready for Eurovision. This is a DAMN DAMN DAMN good song! Beverley Jo is so on the money with her comments. Tom needs to sing to the camera more and remember that he is not singing to the people in the audience in front of him but that can be easily fixed – Let me teach him – PLEASE!

Eurovision winner Johnny Logan just tweeted in and his support goes to TOM!



#MagicMic Award Goes To

Some serious contenders for tonight’s #MagicMic award. Song wise it comes down between Laura and Tom and if I go for the song with the biggest potential it has to be Tom in his tight jeans #JustSaying

Pic 2

If goes for the MOMENT of the night it goes to Beverly Jo Scot aka #BJS for her ‘Don’t believe your own shit’ comment!



The public are voting on the favourite now!

Interval act and it is the biggest mistake Belgium ever made as 2 Fabiolo should have represented them at Eurovision!

Results in and Laura wins the public vote tonight. Can she repeat that success in the final next week!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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