BELGIUM : Laura Tesoro Is The Song To Beat In Eurosong Final – You agree?


BELGIUM – The small country tonight proved that Belgian’s do have a sense of humour with a bright and strong semi final in their Eurosong Selection for Eurovision 2016.

With many surprises along the way from former Belgian Eurovision participants to tweets from Johnny Logan to a very vocal judge who liked to use the ‘Sh&T’ word on primetime tv, it was a cracker of a show. You can see the show in pictures and our comments by READING HERE.

In the public vote it was decided that the current favourite among the viewers was Laura Tesoro with her song ‘What’s The Pressure’. 

The acts have a week now to rework their songs and take on the comments from the judges and see if the public can have their minds swayed.

Did you tune into the show? What did you think of the songs? What was your favourite?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. What a difference a week makes! From being the worst of the five, Laura was so far ahead of the others it was mind blowing! She has great stage charisma and fed off the crowd a bit like Lena did in Oslo – the song is catchy and she sings that style of music superbly. I think the other girls have blown it – can’t see what they can do with their entries to improve, whereas Tom and Adil can stage theirs a lot, lot better.

    Not sure if anyone will catch Laura though…

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