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IRELAND : Nicky Byrne Interview On His Eurovision 2016 Speculation

Nicky Byrne Interview

IRELAND – It was all about Nicky Byrne representing Ireland at Eurovision 2016 yesterday. So in an interview today he speaks out about what was written and his views on being selected for Stockholm.

So the burning question is – Has he been selected by RTE to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2016?

Given the opportunity to participate at Eurovision he would “grab it with both hands” yet he would not confirm OR deny that he has been selected internally by RTE.

However Byrne went on to say

“If that opportunity arose for me, I would love it because I am very patriotic…If I didn’t feel I had a song that would be decent, you wouldn’t consider it.”

The singer/presenter added

“I’d represent my country in tiddliwinks if I got the opportunity” but he added that he was very aware that just because he is known from Westlife is no guarantee of success at the contest. He stressed that the song is key and that would be his biggest priority.

“You’re halfway up the ladder in terms of people knowing who you are, but that’s not going make you run the show…But if you can get a song on top of that, you might do well.”

Nicky follows Eurovision as he has been responsible for delivering the Irish votes at the contest for the last few years so he tunes into the show along with the Irish jury in RTE.

“You’re asking me to do something that I’ve done all my life….If I got the opportunity, I’d give it my best shot.”

So roll on an official announcement from RTE shortly on Eurovision 2016. RTE yesterday wrote on-line that they say “This year there maybe a change to the format which has brought mixed fortunes for Ireland in recent years”SEE HERE

Do you think Nicky Byrne would be a good choice for Ireland at Eurovision? Will his Westlife career open a lot of opportunities for votes across Europe? Could he win the contest with the right song?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. You are half way up the ladder with people knowing who you are,Nicky says.Maybe in Ireland ,yeah.Music legend Elgelbert Humperdinck could not even climb the ladder for the UK,and he was a far greater star than Nicky.Dream on.Same old story, and what does he know about Eurovision ?.nothing.He wants to do it because he is very patriotic,so what.What does he know about writing a eurovision song.He is a pop star who has made his money from Westlife,do you think he would have jumped at that chance when the group were in their prime, I very much doubt it.Wrong choice,even before he opens his mouth to sing a note.If he is indeed the choice.If so,then its RTE’s worries solved for another year.Very probably an artist who with his great enthusiasm who is very likely not have to cost a penny,Will probably do a cheap video himself,come up an average three minute song.Happy days for RTE who will probably say ohh that will do.Before, they had to provide a budget to 5 acts to come up with videos ,record the songs,probably provide costumes for the show and stage a final. RTE would love for Nicky to take on the poison chalice.Do you think Engelbert or Bonnie would have taken part in their prime?,simple answer ,no. Get serious RTE, we are not amused are fooled.Good job you have nothing to loose Nicky.

  2. Have the Uk not tried this type of selection, and look where it’s got them!!!! Not sure it’s rhe right way to go

  3. To be honest I think that Nicky doesn’t have the best voice of the four lads.I don’t want to insult anyone but I think Shane and/or Mark would have a more solid voice to perform at the Eurovision contest. Nicky hasn’t sung since the split up. They need a special voice, who is able to surprise…

  4. Something doesn’t add up here. I can’t imagine that RTE would firstly allow the name of their internally selected act leak into the press and then have a scenario where that supposed entrant is giving interviews to the press about Eurovision even before there is even an announcement. I’m guessing the Byrne for ESC thing is bogus.

      • It’s just that RTE normally have the utmost secrecy around their NFs every year, strict embargos in place so that nobody knows who is competing until the official announcement from the channel (and they managed to keep the Brian Kennedy and Dervish internal selections a secret too). Seems very odd that they would be so careless as to let Nicky Byrne’s name leak and even allow him to give interviews to the press about his supposed involvement long before the official announcement. To my mind, the press have gotten everything jumbled up and RTE are planning something completely different.

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