Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Nicky Byrne Reported To Be Representing Ireland At Eurovision 2016


IRELAND – ‘Nicky Byrne to represent Ireland at Eurovision in Stockholm’.

That is the headline in the newspaper The Irish Independent.

The article was released on the Irish newspaper’s website at 11:30pm on Wednesday evening. However the article was taken down 31 minutes later by The Irish Independent.

Nicky Byrne

However we have a screen shot of the article that was on twitter from The Irish Independent that has been removed by the newspaper. Here is the removed article link to the story in the newspaper – SEE HERE

Nicky Byrne 1

Nicky Byrne 2


Byrne was a member of Westlife that were one of the most successful boy bands in the world with record sales in excess of 50 million. Since the band went their separate ways Nicky has been a tv and radio presenter on RTE (Irish National Broadcaster) and has announced the Irish points at the Eurovision song contest since 2013.

Other rumors were that ex fellow Westlife band member Shane Filan could be in the running for the role to bring Ireland victory again at Eurovision – SEE HERE

RTE are to make a formal announcement on their Eurovision 2016 plans shortly.



Nicky this morning spoke of the reports of him representing Ireland at Eurovison on his RTE Radio Show. Read what he said HERE

Would you like to see Nicky Byrne represent Ireland at Eurovision? Could he bring Ireland to the Grand Final of the contest? Would the Westlife fans across Europe tune in to support Nicky at Eurovision?

Let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Irish Independent




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  1. It would be such a shame to send a backing singer to represent Ireland in Stockholm when there are so many very talented young singers in this country! It’s also a song competition not the most famous personality in your country. Give the young ones a break!!

    • I’m not too happy with this either, Marion. I’d much sooner see an up and coming singer or an established soloist, not someone whose main claim to fame these days is as a TV presenter / radio DJ.

        • I have a feeling now that the Byrne rumour may be bogus in fact. The press seemed very vague yesterday in the way they reported it and then RTE saying in a relaxed manner they won’t reveal details of their “selection process” until later this month makes me think the media may have totally gotten the wrong end of the stick and Byrne is not the entrant at all.

        • Unfortunately for Nicky it has been proven that he cannot sing remotely like Conchita who has stunning vocals. It was also a bloody great song and Conchita’s image was perfect for that particular year. We need to hear the song before we say whether Nicky is good enough or not!

  2. It would be such a shame for Ireland to send a backing singer to represent Ireland in Sweeden. We have such incredible YOUNG talented singers in this country!! Also it is a SONG contest not the most popular performer contest!! 😥😥

  3. At this late stage, it would have to be an internal selection, otherwise they would have asked for submissions long before now.

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