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IRELAND : Westlife’s Nicky Byrne Comments On Eurovision 2016 Rumors

Nicky Byrne Radio

‘Euphoria’ as Nicky Byrne talks about the media speculation that he will represent Ireland at Eurovision in 2016. We covered the story in the early hours this morning and now the singer is responding. SEE HERE

Nicky Byrne is a Radio presenter on RTE and as you can imagine he read the reports this morning when he was going into work. So what did he say on radio just now?

“I don’t comment on rumours, I never have done and anything you’ve read are unconfirmed reports”.
Ahh… 😦 BUT then his co-host and partner in crime on his radio show, Jenny Greene, threw a whole lot of fuel on the fire by saying

“The winning song from the Eurovision may or may not be performed live at my wedding but that’s where I’m leaving it”


We can think of 3 male backing singers that Nicky could use in Stockholm #JustSaying! Could you imagine an unofficial Westlife reunion!

So if Nicky Byrne is the Irish selection for Eurovision then what do you think of the choice? What style of song should he sing? Could he be a contender in Stockholm?

Let us know


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : The Nicky Byrne Show


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  1. I am a songwriter so obviously I am looking forward to entering my music into the Eurovision contest. Therefore I feel that if they are going to open up the contest and ask for songs submissions and then have Nicky sign their selection then I am 100% behind this. One the other hand, if Nicky gets to do his own song then that seems quite biased and unfair… after all, this is not a singing contest… it is a song contest and they should therefore open it up for submissions to help find the right song for Nicky.

    -Michael Weiss
    Dublin, Ireland

    • Hi Michael Weiss. I too wrote a song for this years submissions and consideration but I wrote my song with a specific vocal in fact 2 vocals so if they have decided Nicky is representing Ireland there is absolutely no way my song will be considered as he most definitely would not have the vocal range to pull it off!! I will be hugely disappointed if this is the case. The panel on the Late Late Show last year pleaded for good songwriters to get involved and submit songs for Ireland…..Fingers crossed this is all rumour.

  2. Very odd choice if true. Byrne has never released anything as a soloist and doesn’t actually have a solo music career of any description (not to mention the fact that he is an RTE employee, which would have barred him from entering the last few Irish finals).

  3. Its all about the song not really the singer.. as englebert and other star artists with poor songs will tell u

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