Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Eurovision’s ‘A Great Thing For Nicky Byrne And A Great Thing For Ireland” – Kian Egan

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IRELAND – Well if you can’t get an endorsement from your former band mate then who can you get it from? Irish media is awash with the reports that Nicky Byrne will represent Ireland at Eurovision.

Byrne’s own comments on his radio show this morning added fuel to the speculation – SEE HERE

You can now imagine what has happened when friend, Westlife fellow band mate and The Voice judge – Kian Egan – today gave his view on Byrne representing Ireland at Eurovision.

Speaking on the Anton Savage Radio Show, Egan said that if Nicky is going to Eurovision that it is

“a great thing for Nicky and a great thing for Ireland…I think he’ll represent the country very well. He’s a great singer, a great performer.”

Speculating on how Nicky could score at Eurovision, Egan said

“We might bring the Eurovision back to Ireland. Johnny Logan would want to watch out, Nicky Byrne is hot on his heels.”

On New Year’s Eve Nicky took to twitter with this post

With a new album in the pipeline then Eurovision would be an ideal calling card for Byrne’s solo career.

So are you excited at the potential prospect of Nicky Byrne representing Ireland at Eurovision? Could he bring the contest back to Ireland? What style of song would suite Nicky should he go to Stockholm?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Will we never learn? He was nothing more than a glorified ‘backing’ singer. (Remember Mikey from that other awful boy band?) Bad enough he’s on 2FM daily without this. He’s made his millions, how much more does he want or need? Please, just go away and let someone else have a chance at making a name for themselves. Sick to death of all this nepotism within RTE. No imagination and a bunch of talentless idiots playing at making TV and radio I despair, I really do. 😦

      • Oh Garrett, am just disappointed really. I’m not his biggest fan as you can see. Never liked Pestlife, found them very dull. However, after my initial thoughts, I will give my support and cheer him on as I still would like a good result. Fingers crossed. Good luck.

  2. “What style of song would suite Nicky should he go to Stockholm?”

    Preferably one that he can mime… #meow

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