DENMARK: 5 Acts We Would Like To See At Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

Danish flag

As you’ll see from our article here, those crazy Danes have some news on their quest for a fourth Eurovision victory. They have plenty of fans, and a rich history when it comes to the stage. So what would we like to see?

Well, maybe Anne Gardegaard might give it another go. If you’re a proper aficionado of Dansk MGP, you’ll know that she was the runner-up in Aalborg in 2015. She was the favourite from the SMS vote, but the juries let her down. If you also know your Junior Eurovision, you’ll know that you’ve also appeared in that, finishing 5th in the inaugural event in Copenhagen. So if you’ve forgotten, here’s her song Suitcase from 2015.

Next is someone who could be a bit left-field. Wouldn’t it be fun if the lead singer of Aqua could give it a go? Lene Nystrøm Rasted has been seen on stage at Eurovision before. Remember the 2001 contest in the football stadium? Well she and her Aqua cohorts were the interval act, with a medley of her band’s greatest hits. You reminisce over it here. And even though she may not be in the first flush of youth (by Eurovision performer standards anyway) a good singer is a good singer.

Or the people of Denmark could go for one of their male, erm, bridesmaids. Bryan Rice (no, not the Scottish footballer) gave a memorable performance in 2010, Breathing in the rain. Only Chanée and N’evergreen stopped him from getting to Oslo. Maybe a blessing in disguise with the cost of drink there. He tried again in 2014, but with slightly less success. But if at first you don’t succeed, yadda yadda yadda.

Of course, participants in Dansk MGP don’t have to be Danish. In 2009 a certain Icelander gave it a go and she was runner-up to Niels Brinck. She later got through to represent her home country. But it’s fair to say that Hera Björk Þórhallsdóttir (thankfully she’s dropped the patronymic bit of her name) is a bit if a fan favourite. And whilst this song didn’t get through to Moscow in 2009, it won the OGAE Secind Chance Contest.

Finally, there could be this competitor. Again she’s a massive massive fan favourite, and any contest would be richer for her participation. She first tried back in 1980, and eventually got through at her fourth attempt in 1989. Who could forget Birthe Kjær, and her tempting Henrik Krogsgaard away from his conductor’s podium to help her to a well-deserved third place. The tried again afterwards, and even hosted Dansk MGP too. Anyway here’s her DMGP performance from 1989.

So who do you think we’ll see when the names are announced on 30 January? Or who would be in your dream Dansk MGP? Let us know.

Author: John Stanton

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