Eurovision Goes To Carnegie Hall In New York City


It will be a first but this weekend as a member of the Eurovision family becomes the contest’s first singer to grace the world-famous stage of Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Yes today will see Aimee Banks take to the stage to the stage as she is the recipient of the ‘American Protegé Award’. Aimee goes down as the first Junior Eurovision artist to sing in Carnegie Hall following in the footsteps of Bulgaria’s 2014 contestants, Hasan and Ibrahim, who also won the ‘American Protegé Award’ and played piano at Carnegie Hall. 

Aimee represented Ireland at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year in Bulgaria with her song ‘Réalta na Mara’. We know that Aimee has a full schedule of events for 2016 as people from around the globe were impressed with her performance at the contest – As they should!

This is a clear indication that the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is more relevant now than it ever has been and it should remain a key focus for encouraging young talented singers and musicians across Europe.

Well done Aimee and Junior Eurovision!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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