Eurovision 2015

MOLDOVA : Watch The Live Audition Videos – The Good And The Challenging!

Moldova Auditions

Moldova are auditioning the entrants live for their Eurovision 2016 national selection. We take a look at the ‘Good and The Musically Challenged’ entrants as their live auditions are now on-line. If you want to see them all you can do so HERE

Let’s take a look at a few that caught out attention

Mamma always said to start with a compliment or if I can’t say anything nice then not to say anything at all. Sorry Mum but I can’t keep quiet!

First I have to say well done to TRM for a good staging and camera work. Their audition presentation is better than some national finals #JustSaying

Artur Breeze – Far away

Oh it seems as if Artur hasn’t a Breeze when it comes to singing in key. We are lucky to be ‘Far Away’ from the live performance. The song opens with a good Euro-Pop beat and Artur gives us some serious knee action. That is where the confidence ends as even Artur couldn’t get off the stage quick enough. This put a smile on my face for all the wrong reasons.

Ghenadii Ivanov – A good day

Ghenadii’s song ‘A Good Day’ is probably more a plea than an actual statement. “What’s wrong with you people” are his lyrics. My answer would be I can’t find the mute button. Don’t believe? Take a listen. Trying to find the route to Santa’s House in the North Pole is easier than poor Ghenadii trying to find the melody of the song.

Sasha Bognibov – ‘Alone’ and ‘Insane’

We have a soft spot for Sasha. Every year he enters the Moldovan national selection – 12/12 for his dedication. His songs are like a block of ice cream – ‘Hard to get into but once you do you can enjoy the weird taste, but too much of it will give you a headache’.

At the end of his first song ‘Alone’ he seemed to be not happy with something – see for yourself

But you can’t hold a good man down (no matter how hard you try) and back came Sasha with the ironically titled ‘Insane’. Dare I say it but I like this one but I know I will be in the minority but what I would give to see this on the stage in Stockholm!


PRIZA – Rewind

Rocking the ‘man bun’ haircut and enough zips to be a metal detectors worst nightmare, Priza brings us some power rock ballad with a voice that has enough gravel to pave a road from Moldova to Sweden. ‘Rewind’ was a pleasant surprise!


Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffrei – Lie

Ok this is Moldova’s answer to Professor Green and a rapping Jamiroquai. Onoffrei terrifies me. He seems like one angry man and literally shouted down the camera and then wouldn’t get off the stage and punched the air! Having said that I like a bit of Moldovan Hip Hop and I would love to see the Schlager audience in Stockholm react to this performance. Well worth my 2 million Euro tickets to Eurovision!


Katherine and Litesound

Considering this is a demo version this song from Moldovan singer Katherine and 2012’s act from Belarus – Litesound – was miles ahead of the competition. A kiss before the song began sealed the deal. A modern mid tempo rock ballad. With a full production this song could work. Take a gander yourself.


Elena Buga – Nu mă-ntreba

Moldova’s answer to Jane McDonald we have Elena. A song that would easily win the Eurovision song contest circa 1995. Linda Martin would give her right arm for a song like this! A ballad that even has a saxophone to give you that hint of the 80’s too. Hey I love a good old school ballad and this would get a vote from me but would get forgotten at Eurovision one thinks.

Viola – In the name of love

The surprise of the day came from Viola as she brought some jazz to the proceedings. Now I know Jazz is fluid and full of emotion however at times I was struggling to hear what language the song was in. I have been assured it was English though I would like a second opinion on it. That aside with some language lessons this would be a welcomed alternative to the Eurovision norm. Throw into that some sultry heavy breathing and you have an interesting song to say the least.



Poison Lust – Black Magic

Ok tastier than a box of chocolates of the same name the male and female duo of Poison Lust brought us an interesting rock come Ibiza dance track that is screaming out for a big stage to perform on. This song would give Katherine and Litesound a run for their money. Get your glow sticks and high viz vests out!


The Confirmed Semi Finalists

The judges have made their decision and here are the 24 lucky semi-finalists

Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffrei
Diana Brescan
Felicia Dunaf
Katherine and Litesound
Rodica şi Ivan Aculov
Big Flash Sound
Doiniţa Gherman
Valeria Paşa
Lidia Isac
Cristina Pintilie & Alex Calancea Band
Valentin Uzun
Max Fall & Vozniuc Dan & Malloy
Maxim Zavidia
Chris Maroo
Anna Gulko
Emilia Russu
Criss Jeff
Nadia Moşneagu

So there you have it. All of the acts have auditioned. What songs stand out for you? Is there a Eurovision winner there?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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