Eurovision 2015

Aimee Banks Will Represent Ireland

Aimee Banks Wins

Aimee Banks Wins

32 Songs, four Heats, two wild card selections and ONE winner! Yes tonight Ireland made their decision! Could this be Europe’s winner?

Tonight 6 contestants battled it out to represent Ireland at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Bulgaria on November 2015. In a show bursting with young talent, it was eventually decided that Aimee Banks would represent Ireland with the Celtic/Opera song ‘Réalta Na Mara’

Aimee comes from Moycullen, Co. Galway and her song is called ‘Réalta Na Mara’ . The lyrics and music are by Aimee herself along with Niall Mooney, Jonas Gladnikoff & Brendan McCarthy.

She maybe only 13 years of age but Aimee shows maturity and stage presence well beyond her years. With a passion for music spanning Opera to Modern, Aimee is certainly looking forward to singing on the big stage in Sofia in less than 2 weeks time.

So now we have our 17 songs for Junior Eurovision 2015!

We will have more news on ‘Aimee’s Road To Junior Eurovision’ so make sure to find out more over the next 2 weeks here on Eurovision Ireland. Keep a close on Twitter too with #JESCEire

So time to tell us what you think!

Do you like Aimee’s song? Do you like the sound of the Irish language to music? Can Aimee win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

Don’t be scared and let us know.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland





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  1. This was the best song of all, for me. Hauntingly beautiful, faultless performance techniqie and most importantly, one could see the feeling. My 12 points went to Aimee yestereve.

    Sadly underrated on the contest itself, the unfairness of it grates on me. Far too often at Eurovision quality is being cast away for popular sounding songs, or ethnical vote.

    Greetings from Sofia, and thumbs up for Ireland’s entry to Eurovision!

  2. I’ve always thought Ireland should send a Gaelic song every two year to Eurovision. It would bring variety to an English dominated contest.
    The Uk should do the same as they even have more choice (Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Manx, Cornish). and Malta should do the same with its own native language.
    You all could get better results given that English does not make any real difference anymore regarding your three countries compared to other English sung contributions. And Italy did win the televote last year with an Italian song !

  3. 4 of the 6 songs at the finale were tied in my mind. it amazes me they wrote the songs themselves. Better than most songs you hear at the adult Eurovision. Good luck to Aimee.

  4. Really high standard, Very good songs. Really would make you question the selection method for the main Eurosong. How can we continue to be given a choice of only FIVE very average songs each year? TG4 did a good job on this…..32 songs in all, none of them bad.

    The top 2 tonight were super. I was torn between them. The other girl looked so lovely with her red hair and sang so brilliantly also. But Aimee has a great voice. However the arrangement was like a 3 pc pub band, they’re going to have to oomph it up a fair bit and give it a massive finish, please tell me they will!

    Seriously a very good entry. Only thing I would have liked would have been jury voting.

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