Eurovision 2015

REVIEW : Il Volo Return With A New Song ‘Per te ci sarò’


Well let’s start by congratulating Il Volo for getting 50 million views on their official video for ‘Grande Amore’. Bravo gentlemen.

They return with the new song and video for the song Per te ci sarò‘ or ‘I’ll Be There For You’. You would be mistaken from the introduction to the video that this was going to be a Teen Horror movie – 3 young good-looking couples go camping in a deserted forest by a lake. I was thinking this could be a ‘Friday the 13th’ foilm. However I could not be further from the truth.

Dare I say it but Per te ci sarò’ is a far superior song to ‘Grande Amore’. It is and will be hard for the group to eclipse the success of their song from Vienna but they certainly do it for me with this offering. 

The song is easily more accessible and contemporary which opens up the audience for the performance. Yes we have the wonderful vocals from the guys and yes they have their distinctive operatic quality but Per te ci sarò’ is so much more current and dare I say it radio friendly.

The song is a superb mixture of electronic bass tones with rock and orchestral movements. This works so well together and coupled with a casually dressed Il Volo – well camping in fine tailored suits just wouldn’t work – they look and sound like young men and not like their older counterparts Il Divo.

I would go as far as saying that this song has hints of classic ‘Simple Minds’ about it and the entire package is like eating a delicious Italian ice cream – You don’t want to waste a drop! Give me 3 scoops please!

I love this song and think that if they had sung this in Vienna we could have been heading to Milan or Rome for Eurovision 2016.

Marks out of 12 – It has to be a DOUZE POINTS

What do you think of the new song from Il Volo? Should they have sent this to Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I love the song Per te ci saro as well as many others on heir new albums and think this is a great video. But I also love Grande Amore and think that is a wonderfully clever video and so well done. I’m not sure the critics wanted Il Volo to win Eurovision. The people did want them to win however. They were the best by far at Eurovision.

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