BELARUS : Running Order Announced For Eurovision Selection Final

Belarus Poll 2016

Belarus is the country that gave us some gems in their live open auditions for Eurovision 2016. The Final 10 acts have now been given their running order in their National Selection Final.

1 -Alexey Gross – Flame
2- Sasha Zakharik – Glory Night
3- Valeriya Sadovskaya – Not alone
4 – Radiovolna – Radiowave (Ne shodi s uma)
5 – The EM – Turn Around
6 – Navi – Geta zyamlya
7 – Alexander Ivanov – How to fly
8 – Anastasiya Malashkevich – Pray for love
9 – Kirill Yermakov – Running to the Sun
10 – NAPOLI – My Universe


The final takes place in Minsk on January 22nd and will be decided by 100% televote.

We have our Poll open as to ‘Who you think should represent Belarus at Eurovision 2016?’ . You can VOTE HERE

Currently the poll has a close contest between Alexy Gross and NAPOLI both of which will open and close the Grand Final in Minsk.

So who do you think should win the Belarus ticket to Eurovision 2016?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovsion Ireland


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