BELARUS : Top 10 Top Tips For Eurovision 2016 Following Auditions

Belarus Eurovision 2016

Belarus Eurovision 2016

The hunt is on in Belarus for the 2016 Eurovision representative, so I took to YouTube to check out the videos of all those who auditioned. The winners in the audition phase will be decided by a jury but here are my top ten hot tips for the top.

1. Shir – My Mind On You

‘My Mind On You’ has the potential to go all the way to the final and could even be a possible winner, in my opinion. It’s got a beat you can dance to, and a chorus that climbs into your ear and sets up home. The Eastern-European strings add a traditional, folky undertone while later in the song, synths kick in to give it that club-crossover feel. Shir may have his mind on you but my mind is on a possible win for this song.

2. Sweet Brains – Dance like zombies

Even before you see or hear this entry, you know you’re going to experience something a little ‘different’. True to form, Sweet Brains resemble the cast of a 1950’s sci-fi/horror-movie. The lead singer, reminiscent of Baroness Samedi, cavorts with her insectoid alien minions while the chorus of the undead lend backing vocals. The song, ‘Dance like zombies’ may not be the most powerful I’ve ever heard in a Eurovision entry but it’s got that novelty factor that catches the listeners attention and holds it. And if you think a novelty song like this won’t capture a win, I have two words for you. Remember Lordi.

3. Anastasiya Malashkevich – Pray For Love

This lady walked onstage and grabbed my attention as soon as she started to sing. Wow, what a huge voice! Anastasiya delivers with power and attitude in spades to match her punchy, gothy look. The song itself has a wonderfully hooky chorus and up-tempo beat teamed with a semi-religious overtone. Part singing nun, part Wednesday Addams, this lady deserves a shot at the final, in my opinion.

4. Lafa – Pearl

I was a little bemused by the stage set-up at the beginning and thought I was about to be treated to a recreation of Dolly Parton’s ‘Working Nine to Five’. However, Lafa and her ladies served up a slice of sublime Euro pop that just begs to be danced to. This ‘Pearl’ could really polish up to a shine in the final. Good luck, ladies!

5. Napoli – My Universe

This is classic Eurovision at its best. A beautiful ballad with a catchy chorus, a trio of backing singers and a dress so big it needs its own stage hand to arrange it. The lead singer has a melodic voice reminiscent of the likes of former winners Celine Dion and Linda Martin. Napoli could certainly do well in Stockholm if they go through.

6. Amara – Fire (My Prometheus)

My first thought on hearing this song was that it would make a great soundtrack for a Bond film. It’s got that brooding undertone of danger you’d associate with a 007 movie. Sultry songstress Amara’s delivery is strong and powerful. Not everyone can carry off red-eye make-up and black leather but this lady wears it well. An audience won’t forget Amara quickly and that’s good for votes.

7. 3D Band – My Heart

3D Band are a trio of female vocalists reminiscent of girl bands like Girls Aloud and the Spice Girls back in the 90’s. They look and sound great and have pots of attitude. Their song, My Heart, has a compulsive clockwork dance beat that will get your feet tapping along whether they like it or not. Younger Eurovision fans (and their Dads!) will certainly enjoy 3D Band should they make the final. You go girls!

8. ALIANA – Antivirus

Once you get over staring at Aliana’s giant shoulder pads, you realize that ‘Antivirus’ could be a summer dance club sensation if it makes it through to the final. “I need some attention!” she sings. With a performance like that, you’ve got it, Aliana. Definitely one to watch.

9. Aleksandr Ivanov – How to fly

If there was a prize for the best hair, Aleksandr Ivanov would definitely be in the running to win. However, Eurovision is about the music, not the look, and Aleksandr’s song, ‘How To Fly’ Has potential to go all the way. This man has a wonderful vocal range, swooping from low and growly to high and soaring, a perfect foil to the pop-rock feel of the music. We hope you make it to the final, Aleksandr, because you’re worth it. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

10. KATTIE – Rainbows

The opening bars of ‘Rainbows’ put me in mind of Tiffany’s ‘I think We’re Alone Now’ waaaaay back in the 80’s (showing my age here) but I quickly found that this is a song with an identity all of its own. I can see my 11-year-old daughter bopping along to this one out of the corner of my eye and that’s a good indicator of something younger Eurovision fans will enjoy. Kattie delivers a wonderfully catchy pop song, with an up-beat chorus that will have you singing along after only one listen. Keep chasing that rainbow, Kattie…all the way to Stockholm!

That’s our top ten hot tips for the Belarus entry. Who is your favourite? Leave a comment and let us know.


Author : Jennifer Roche

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Sweet Brains is the most disgusting group. I’m really sick just looking at them.The song is not interesting – nothing special.

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