Eurovision 2015

Eoghan McDermott: ‘I thought Junior Eurovision was going to be gimmicky’

Eoin McDermott will Host Semi Final 1

Eoin McDermott

Tomorrow is the first Heat of Ireland’s search for their entry to The Junior Eurovision Song Contest. What can you expect?

Well the host of the 5 week selection process Eoghan McDermott shared his thoughts with Irish newspaper the Herald

‘I thought Junior Eurovision was going to be gimmicky’.

However McDermott went on to say

“I wondered if people would think it was a bit gimmicky with all the songs in Irish but that was blown away in the first few minutes – the kids and the songs are amazing,”

Like Eoghan, we were astounded with the level of talent from the 32 contestants in the Irish National Selection that begins tomorrow night. Remember you can watch the show LIVE tomorrow night at 20:30 GMT and International viewers can watch too on-line – Full Details HERE

Throughout the Show make sure to get involved and have your say with us on Twitter. You can tweet us using @eurovisionirela #Discover #JESCEire

What are you expecting from the first Heat tomorrow? Can Ireland make an impressive début at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest? Will you be tuning in?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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