Eurovision 2015

Ireland : Heat 1 Sunday October 11th – Song Details for Junior Eurovision Search

Eoin McDermott will Host Semi Final 1

Eoin McDermott will Host The Irish Junior Eurovision Search

The time has come for Ireland to begin their search for their next contestant. Heat 1 begins on Sunday October 11th. 8 contestants will battle it out for 1 place in the Grand Final on November 8th.

Yes the Junior Eurovision Search is ready to begin as Ireland #Discovers their first contestant at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 21st – 2015.

Each of the contestants will perform their song for the 3 judges and a live audience. The judges will then select the Top 2 acts who will perform again in a ‘Sing Off’. Then the tension will grow as each of judges will announce the singer and song they would like to see progress to the final.


The 8 acts competing in Heat 1


Amy Meehan
Age: 13
From: Manorcunningham, Co. Donegal
Song title: Gan Tú
Lyricist: Amy Meehan & Geraldine Galligan
Composer: Amy Meehan & Tommy Conway


Eva Roantree
Age: 15
From: Templeogue, Dublin
Song title: Geallaim Duit
Composers & Lyricist: Eva Roantree & Gary Burke

David Kennedy
Age: 13
From: Eyrecourt, Co. Galway
Song title: Fuar
Lyricist: David Kennedy
Composer: David Kennedy & Emma O’ Reilly

Ellen McAteer
Age: 15
From: Monaghan Town
Song title: Dubh Agus Bán
Composer & Lyricist: Ellen McAteer
Guitar & Vocals: Josh Phillips
Drums: Cian O’Connor


Jessica Doolan
Age: 11
From: Rush, Co. Dublin
Song title: Mise Sa Todhchaí
Lyricist:Jessica Doolan
Composer: Jessica Doolan & Hugh Doolan (Dad)


Katie O’Donoghue
Age: 15
From: Skerries, Co. Dublin
Song title: Síscéal
Lyricist & Composer: Katie O’Donghue & Ruby Fairclough
Composer: Katie O’Donghue, Elsa Joyce & Jamie O’Donoghue


Lisa-Rose McMahon
Age: 14
From: Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan
Song title: Bris Amach
Lyricist: Lisa-Rose McMahon, Brendan McCaughey
Composer – Lisa Rose McMahon, Brendan McCaughey & Carmel McGivney


Eva Campbell
Age: 13
From: Skerries, Co. Dublin
Song title: I Mo Fhéileacán
Lyricist & Composer: Eva Campbell & Leo Capper


The show will be aired on Sunday October 11th at 20:30 (GMT) on Tg4. For international viewers you can look on-line at the TG4 live streaming by clicking on the link HERE 

You will be in the hands of Irish presenter Eoin McDermott. Stay tuned for all the news behind the scenes as Ireland looks for their first Junior Eurovision contestant.

Throughout the Show make sure to get involved and have your say. You can tweet us using @eurovisionirela #Discover #JESCEire

Who do you think will win Heat 1?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Cén fáth go bhfuil TG4 ag úsaid an t-ainm Béarla? An Ghaeilge ar “Junior Eurovision Song Contest” is ea “Comórtas Amhrán Eoraifíse Sóisearach”…. (cheapaim!)

  2. Will the yummy Eoin McDermott (ooh the things I’d like to get up to with that man) be introducing the show as gaeilge?

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