Eurovision 2015

Macedonia : Are we set to welcome Kaliopi back to Eurovision for 2016?



The Macedonian Diva that we just can’t get enough of! Does it look like we are set to welcome the 2012 singer back to Eurovision? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Kaliopi celebrated the release of her new songs“Jutro” on Macedonian TV this week with the broadcaster’s Eurovision Head of Press. Firstly let’s talk about ‘Jutro’. Sometimes less is more and this is a master class in that! A simple ballad that is acoustic and features Romeo Grill who makes stunning music with Kaliopi.

The solo guitar and Kaliopi’s husky and passionate voice melt together to create a simple yet thoroughly enjoyable song. The video was shot on a lake in Ohrid, Macedonia. I’ve decided that I’m getting married there. I just need to find a victim!

Now back to Eurovision. Well Macedonian TV reached out to some of the larger Eurovision Social networks this week and asked them to send in a video message to Kaliopi for the tv show that she was appearing on. Of course Eurovision Ireland were asked to send our girl a video.

So you can imagine that the Eurovision websites mentioned Eurovision and this went out on live tv. Now add to this that we met Kaliopi at Skopje Fest earlier in the year and we asked her if she would return to Eurovision? She said she would be interested if she could work with Romeo again (like she did in 2012). With Skopje Fest not being used for Macedonia’s selection for Eurovision 2016 this could look like the planets are aligning to see Kaliopi return to Eurovision.

Would you like to see Kaliopi back at Eurovision? Could Kaliopi bring Macedonia to the grand final of Eurovision again with her new music? Could Kaliopi give Macedonia their first Eurovision win?

let us know!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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