EUROVISION 2015 – Countdown of 11 Interesting Facts about the contest in Vienna!

ESC 2015 Countdown of Interesting Facts

ESC 2015 Countdown of Interesting Facts

EUROVISION 2015 – Countdown of 11 Interesting Facts about the contest in Vienna!

“The party’s over now, the party’s over now…” sang Dutch contestant Sandra Reemer in 1976 and boy was she right! It’s been almost 2 weeks since Måns Zelmerlöw claimed another Eurovision victory for Sweden in Austria, which means everyone’s Post-Eurovision Depression is coming along nicely as we desperately await the smallest piece of ESC 2016 news…

But rather than look gloomily ahead into the long summer and months before any real updates for Sweden 2016, let’s instead look back to some of the reasons why Eurovision 2015 is one for the history books:-

1. 40 countries took to the stage in Vienna, making it one of the biggest Eurovision’s ever – but as well as usual the usual suspects, the contest welcomed its first debut act in 7 years – long-time fans Australia! In February 2015, the EBU invited Australia to participate at Eurovision as a one-off special event to mark the contest’s 60th birthday.

2. Sweden’s victory this year is their 6th, meaning they now rank as the 2nd most successful country at Eurovision in terms of wins. One more victory, and they equal the record of all-time champion’s Ireland!

3. As well as a yet another win for Sweden, Måns Zelmerlöw’s “Heroes” also ranks as the 3rd highest scoring entry in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, with a whopping 365 points. Interestingly, out of the highest scoring Eurovision songs of all time, 2 of the Top 3 are from Sweden – the other is Norway.

4. The points “Heroes” received also helped Sweden gain another Eurovision crown – if you take all the points ever awarded at Eurovision over the last 60 years, Sweden now ranks the highest out of the over 50 countries to have ever taken part in the contest. In 60 years, they’ve amassed over 4000 points!

5. Anyway, enough about Sweden! It was a successful year for other countries too! 2015 gave Montenegro their best ever result since debuting in 2007. Knez’s “Adio” narrowly missed out on the Top 10 at 13th with 44 points.

6. Similarly, despite not qualifying for the final 2015 was the best result for the Czech Republic at Eurovision. “Hope Never Dies,” by Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta scored 33 points and earned 13th place in the Second Semi-Final – a vast improvement on their previous best -18th place with 9 points in 2008!

7. 2015 is the first time in Eurovision history that the Top 3 all scored over 280 points – to put this in context, in the past 10 years, only 6 winners scored over 280 points to claim victory! Had Greece 2005, Israel 1998 and Turkey 2003 taken part this year, they would have only scored 4th, 6th and 7th respectively!

8. But with winners, there are also losers… France did little to improve on their 2014 last place, with Lisa Angell only gaining 2 points more than last year and coming 24th – the lowest scoring country that scored points.

9. The UK’s Electro Velvet amassed over 3.5 million YouTube views in just two months and “Still In Love With You” was one of the most talked about songs sent to Vienna (though not always for the most flattering reasons!) Despite this, they walked away from Vienna with just 5 points – making it the 2nd worst scoring UK entry ever.

10. Since 2003, no Eurovision nation has suffered the indignity of “nul points”. Then 2015 comes along and 2 countries go home with nothing! While Germany has received the dreaded nul points twice before 2015 – in 1974 and 1975 – Austria is the first host nation ever to walk away from their own contest with nothing. Shame on you Europe! If someone invites you over to play, you should be nice to them!

11. The 2015 edition of Eurovision marked some interesting changes linguistically too. “Golden Boy” by Nadav Guedj was the first time Israeli song sung entirely in English (they usually sneak in a bit of Hebrew in there) and Bojana Stamanov’s “Beauty Never Lies” was first time Serbia didn’t sing in their native Serbian at Eurovision.

What did you think of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest? What are your favourite memories from Vienna? Is there a reason you’ll always remember Eurovision 2015?

Let us know!

Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Vienna was sooo awsome! Beeing there, seeing and hearing Måns win was unforgettable!! I had cheered, screamed and waved my Swedish flag all evening and commented how much i wanted him to win..When he won, me and my Azerbadjian neighbour in the row hugged and then she asks me where i come from? Ha ha ha we lauged and hugged again.

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