Eurovision Songs tell the story of Sepp Blatter’s resignation as FIFA President – The Playlist

The Sepp Blatter Eurovision Playlist

The Sepp Blatter Eurovision Playlist

Eurovision Songs tell the story of Sepp Blatter’s resignation as FIFA President – The Playlist!

Who said that Football and Eurovision don’t have anything in common! With the resignation of Sepp Blatter as president of FIFA (think of it as the Football equivalent of Jon Ola Sand resigning from the EBU – for all you non sports people out there) we thought that we would send him this merry way with a Eurovision Hits Playlist as a parting gift!

Well Blatter has been ‘Playing With Fire’ for some time now with accusations of ‘All Kinds of Everything’ being pushed his way with the US legal authorities finally being the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Blatter has been a ‘Diva’ for some time now as he had done some ‘Wild Dances’ in dodging calls for his resignation. However ‘A Million Voices’ (well one million and ONE – mine of course) have finally sent him ‘Running Scared’. The loyal football fans (like us Eurovision fans but not as #Unstoppable of course) have cried out ”Hallelujah’.

It was only a matter of time that Blatter had to ‘Face The Shadow’ and realise that he had to ‘Walk Along’ away from FIFA. Now the question is which Trijintje dress we should put him in for his walk of shame!

‘Is it Right’ that his ‘Fairytale’ lasted this long? No seriously I could hear the ‘Tick-Tock’ of his presidency running out several years ago but the ‘Gravity’ of the situation only seems to be hitting him now! 24 hours ago he was still FIFA President but even he had to ‘Say Goodbye to Yesterday’ – complete with Elina’s Grand Final tear. Hey ‘Only Teardrops’ is what he seems to have now as the rest of the football world appear to be in a state of ‘Euphoria’ on the ‘Social Network’ – oh who cares – ‘THE FACEBOOK SONG’ Oh Ohh Oh Ohhh seem to be pleased with his resignation.

‘One thing I should have done’ earlier was ask Sepp what was taking so long ‘Making Your Mind Up’ as we were both on LinkedIn at the same time looking for a new job. I tried to be ‘The Voice’ of reason with him on-line but he kept on insisting that ‘Tomorrow’ would bring ‘Something Better’.

Well now is ‘The Calm After The Storm’ and Blatter is ‘My Number One’ topic on our Twitter and Facebook news feeds. He hasn’t taken the news well at all and I made it worse when I told him that the tiny cute bottles in his refrigerator in his hotel room does not mean that the ‘Alcohol is Free’. The look of sadness on his face was like looking at Sonja in 1993 hearing the words ‘Ireland 12 Points’ – not pretty and mascara everywhere! ‘Beauty Never Lies’ but it sure as hell runs like a ‘Waterfall’.

So poor old Sepp faced his ‘Waterloo’ and told us for weeks ‘I’m Never Giving Up’ however I told him it was time to ‘Go’. So what next for the man who sits beside me like a ‘Cry Baby’? Will he ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’? Will he be ‘Glorious’ again?

Eh No……Only one thing left to say to Blatter ‘Bye Bye Baby’.

And you all thought that Eurovision and Football were poles apart – NEVER!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland



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  1. I was on my iPad in the middle of night (insomnia) when a news banner came across the top of the screen about the arrests of FIFA officials in a hotel in Brussels. I checked out the story and immediately believed there was a parallel between those FIFA officials and too many members of the Eurovision Jury. Good to see I am not the only one to recognize the corruption within the two entities.

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