Eurovision 2015

Stockholm gets a boost to host Eurovision 2016 courtesy of Swedish Football and the Tele2 Arena!

Tele2 Arena

Tele2 Arena

Stockholm gets a boost to host Eurovision 2016 courtesy of Swedish Football and the Tele2 Arena!

Well the ‘beautiful game’ could become a blessing to the ‘beautiful contest’ with news just in from Sweden.

Stockholm is the overwhelming favourite to host Eurovision 2016 but speculation of challenges had been rumoured around the availability of a venue in Stockholm for 6 weeks to host Eurovision 2016.

According to Stockholmdirekt we could all be enjoying Eurovision 2016 at the Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.

Stockholm attracts many events and has a variety of venues; Friends, Tele2 Arena, Stockholm International Fairs and the Globe. However because football clubs like AIK, Hammarby and Djurgården have priority contracts to use the Friends and Tele2 Arena, it was speculated that this could hamper Stockholm to host Eurovision 2016. 

According to Henry Kindlund, club president, it is conceivable that Hammarbybacken football team could “move temporarily from theTele2 ground to accommodate the international music festival. All is well possible, but six weeks is a very long period. Someone may in that case present a proposal to us first.”

Above we have some videos of what the inside of the Tele2 Arena looks like – Impressive! Is it BIG enough? Hell yeah! It has a concert capacity of 40 thousand people!

Read all about the modern stadium HERE

Would you like to be in the Tele2 Arena for Eurovision 2016? We could all probably have a seat!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Stockholm Direct


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