Eurovision 2015 – Day 8 Second Full Dress Rehearsal of Semi Final 1 from 21:00 CET

Eurovision 2015 Semi Final 1

Eurovision 2015 – Day 8 Second Full Dress Rehearsal of Semi Final 1 – START 21:00 CET

It is DAY 8 In the ‘Big Brother’ Eurovision house and Eurovision Ireland will be here for you to whet your appetite for what’s going down, down low in the old Wiener Stadthalle! We now start the First Full Dress rehearsal of Semi Final 1 today. Will we see anything different from the previous rehearsals? See HERE and HERE

Due to technical issues we weren’t able to bring you a live blog for this all important dress rehearsal. So what we’ve done instead, in the interests of balance, is cast around a few renowned other websites, and some more of dubious origin, to distill the general feeling of what happened last night. With thanks to the team at

What is the Running Order? 

1 – Moldova

2 – Armenia

3 – Belgium

4 – The Netherlands

5 – Finland

6 – Greece

7 – Estonia

8 – Macedonia

9 – Serbia

10 – Hungary

11 – Belarus

12 – Russia

13 – Denmark

14 – Albania

15 – Romania

16 – Georgia


Moldova. A good way to open the show, Great vivacity, a likely qualifier. Juries should have loved this as it ticks many of the checkboxes.

Armenia. Seems to be well presented but still borderline qualifying. Problems reported with vocals on one singer but still fighting for the lower end places.

Belgium. A massive applause despite an indifferent performance. Not sure which way this is leaning but could be an either/or for qualifying.

Netherlands, The. Another new bad choice of outfit it seems, Good vocals are reported but the look may well have turned the juries off.

Finland. Does what it does, bumbles along nicely for a punk song. Probably not qualifying unless people get and go with the back story.

Greece. Risen to the occasion, comes across well, though her breathing can be heard as she seems to be standing too close. All things say Top 3 in this semi final.

Estonia. Coming across well although Stig appears to be the weaker of the two. The emotion or lack thereof that makes the song is still there. Elin looking and sounding very good. Qualifying by a mile.

Macedonia. Universal thumbs down. Staid, overbearing backing singers, ending seems forced and trying too hard to be a qualifier. This seems to have no widespread appeal and probably won#t qualify.

Serbia. Fan favourite here and going for a specific constituency, Vocally difficult but has the potential to look messy and too camp on stage (if there is such a thing). On the other hand, if all the stars align it could hit the right note.

Hungary. As usual a mixed reaction to this song, either loving or hating it. Boogie is universally recognised as a class performer but some people believe that the sentiment and message is lost in this field.

Belarus. Improvement on Monday afternoon but not sure if the song is going to tick the jury boxes and get the result needed. Staging seems a touch forced and trying too much when this is not needed.

Russia. Potentially the winner of the night. Sounds great and strong vocal abilities giving applause in the Press Centre, Certain qualifier and danger for the top five in the final on Saturday.

Denmark. Average performance of an average song that may have limited appeal bearing in mind the jury demographic. Televoters also limited to Teenage girls and boys and Grannies reminiscing.

Albania. Mixed reviews but on balance did not come across that well. Seems to have styling och consulting issues but pulls the vocal together when it counts. Don’t know if that is enough to get it through though.

Romania. A safe performance, if a little under described, for Romania. More concentration on the staging rather than the song, however it should, from the little we can deduce, be straight though on the qualify rather than the country.

Georgia. Universal good reviews and a better rehearsal than the afternoon one. This seems to be going through.

Which songs surprised you?

Let us know.

Author : Eurovision Ireland Team

Source : Eurovision Ireland/Oneurope

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