Eurovision 2015

#JoinUs – LIVE ROLLING BLOG for the Irish #Eurosong Final at 22:35 CET HERE

Eurosong 2015 Finalists

Eurosong 2015 Finalists

#JoinUs – LIVE ROLLING BLOG for the Irish #Eurosong Final at 22:35 CET HERE

Oh it is that time of the year where the only contest might not just be the one between the singers but also the Panel members!

We have 5 songs competing to represent Ireland at Eurovision in Vienna.

The show starts at 22:35 CET on RTE 1 on The Late Late Show. You can watch the show LIVE HERE and HERE

Miss Panti Bliss, Photo The Montreal Gazette

Miss Panti Bliss, Photo The Montreal Gazette

You know the drill by now – Just refresh the page for our LIVE ON THE SPOT COMMENTARY. Tell us if you agree with our take on the songs.

Ryan Tubridy will be your host again and there will be a panel consisting of Panti Bliss, Mairead O’Farrell (Broadcaster and Former Eurosong Mentor), Phil Coulter (Eurovision Winning Composer) and look who is BACK – Linda Martin (Eurovision Winner and Champion of the word ‘Odious’)

Former X-Factor singer Mary Byrne will be providing some entertainment too on the show so stay tuned.

There will be a public vote and 5 regional juries that will decide the winner tonight.


So we’re in dear old Dublin for more national final fun and games. Will the sings be upstaged again? Well to kick off we have Niamh Kavanagh, Paul Harrington and Linda Martin regaling us with some classics from down the years. Strangely they’re all former UK entries. And Waterloo.

Linda Niamh

Ryan is taking us through the show and reminding us that it was 50 years ago that Ireland made its début in the contest. Evergreen Marty Whelan is in the Green Room, telling us they will be no fighting this year.

Are you in Ireland? Do you want to win €20,000? Then make sure you’re watching the show and answer the question correctly. You need to be over 18.

We talking to the panel, whose names are mentioned above. And here they are. You can work out who is who.


Ryan introduces to some clips from previous years. Sandie Shaw from 1967 in, well, Wien. Then Conchita something-or-other in København. And then we see a certain incident that took place in that self same studio last year. Complete with Linda’s special word beginning with ‘G’.

More housekeeping from Ryan tells us that the acts were selected independently and Price Waterhouse Coopers are keeping things above board. Other financial companies are available.

Alex Saint and the MJ’s – ‘She’s so fine’

John’s Comments – Rap! Now there’s a first to my knowledge in Irish Eurosongs. Alex is a very cheery looking chap. No gangsta stuff going off here. And he’s gone all casual with an undone bow-tie jauntily around his neck. I’m not sure about this. Rap is that most marmite of genres. And that’s not just on a vast Eurovision stage, but also on a slightly smaller RTÉ stage. I don’t think it’ll feature highly later on. A pity, because Alex’s delivery is very positive.


Kat Mahon – ‘Anybody got a shoulder’

John’s Comments – Ooh, we have pedigree with a certain Mr McGettigan who plays a mean guitar. Kat is a very pretty girl and this style of song is what Ireland is very good at. A simple staging with a useful group of musicians, and a ballad demonstrating a very competent voice. The lyric is simple – ideal for the Eurovision televoter whose first language isn’t English. This is quality stuff.

Song 2

A short break now, while we go to our ‘Master Eurovision Mind’ feature. Marty Whelan, who has the scars of many Eurovisions demonstrates his knowledge of 1956, Cheryl Baker, Morocco, the Gaiety Theatre and Linda Martin. He looks pensive. He scores 8.



He;s up against Rory Gannon. He’s 16, runs a website(!) and knows about Eimear Quinn, 1991 and Lordi. He seems confident. he scores 10 and wins the Johnny Jacket!


Erika Selin – ‘Break me up’

John’s Comments – A group of Swedes? Whatever next? What do they know about writing songs for Eurovision? 😉 This is a little more rustic. imagine the Family Four but in 2015. Erika seems quite assured of herself, and while song 2 was very Irish, this is a little more international in sound. More suited to a massive stage in Vienna? Maybe. Very Scandi-generic? Probably. It seems popular in the studio but at this stage I still prefer Kit Mahon.

Song 3


Before Nikki, we see footage of Johnny Logan’s first win. Ryan calls him J-Lo. An interesting comparison.

Nikki Kavanagh – ‘Memories’

John’s Comments – Nikki also has scars of both national finals and a Eurovision. She gives us a very modern song with some nice jangly guitars helping her out. It’s an uplifting little number with a darn big chorus. And hooks aplenty. It sounds a little familiar but I can’t put my fingers on what it is. Familiarity never does a Eurovision song any harm. If I had to be constructive, there was a note here and there that Nikki didn’t quite hit. But that can be worked on if it were to progress. The performance is there though.


We quickly go to Marty in the Green Room. He’s in fine form.

Molly Sterling – ‘Playing with numbers’

John’s Comments – Molly finds herself sat at a piano. She has a striking voice for what I think is a very different song. It may not be the typical song you’d associate with Ireland/Eurovision, but it would make an impression on a bigger stage. Molly is 16 apparently and has a maturity that belies her years. There’s a little Kate Bush about her. It could well stand a chance. And despite the picture, she does open her eyes.


The phone lines open, and whether you’re in Donegal, Cork or Waterford, you can vote for your favourite. Even if you’re in Antrim, you can do the same. Go on, you know you want to.

We’ve had another commercial break, and Ryan introduces us to the one and only Muriel Day. She was Ireland’s first female representative in 1969. She’s looking well, these 46 years on.



Her dress in 1969 was not just green, but had layers of yellow and silver too. Yep, the Irish flag. And she’s just releasing her first album, called ‘Girl’s Night Out’.

Next on we have some Eurovision fans, wining prizes for the audience. They are an interesting blend of Voice contestants, Eurovision contestants (Joe McCall) and priests! It’s name that song from a lyric. That’s right, we have more ‘Making your mind up’ and ‘Hold me now’. It’s all very nice.

OK. I’m going to predict ‘Anybody got a shoulder’ will win. Or it could be ‘Playing with numbers’.

But before the results, we have a sing-off. Two audience members will compete for their half of the audience, to win a range of beauty products. This is the sort of entertainment you love. As do the audience. Our judges couldn’t pick between the singers, so all the audience win the beauty products. Nice.


So here are the results. The juries and televoters didn’t quite agree.


Are you happy with these results? Tell us what you think?

I hope you enjoyed the show. I have, not just for the songs, but for the entertainment and the brief trip down memory lane. Good luck to Ireland in Vienna. And goodnight from me.

PS. Ryan from Cavan won the €20,000. Well done to him.


Author : John Stanton

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. John your comments are amateur and lack fact. Stick to facts relating to how they look/sound live, how the crowd reacts, panel comments rather than your predefined opinions

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