Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Molly Sterling will represent Ireland at Eurovision 2015


Molly Sterling will represent Ireland at Eurovision 2015

Molly Sterling will represent Ireland at Eurovision 2015

IRELAND : Molly Sterling will represent Ireland at Eurovision 2015

Tonight was the Irish National final for Eurovision 2015. The contest took place on The Late Late Show with their ‘Eurosong’ special.

After the 5 regional juries and public voted the winner was declared.

Molly Sterling will perform the song ‘Playing With Numbers’ in Vienna. The song was composed by Molly and Greg French.

Get to know Molly Sterling with our Video Interview HERE


So did Ireland make the right decision? Can Ireland qualify for the Grand Final? Could this be a win for Ireland?

Congrats Molly – See you in Vienna

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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  1. i think Molly is a brilliant talent and remember the Eurovision has always liked the young talent . I personally think she will do us proudly in Vienna and she is only 16/ She will improve big time. Whatever happens on the night she will have a big future/.

  2. Molly Sterling’s song is beautiful, but my favored one to represent Ireland to the Eurovision Contest would have been Erika Selin’s. It sounds more adapt for the contest. Anyway, good luck to Molly. Ireland has always produced good singers. x

  3. I’m so happy we are sending Molly. She’s a fantastic talent and this is what I like about her song:

    1. Simple
    2. Effective
    3. Radio Friendly
    4. Great staging potential.
    5. She’s singing her own composition.
    6. She’s a natural talent.
    7. Great potential for chart success.
    8. Accessible

    9. Modern. The ballads we’ve sent as of late have been dated, shambolic messes (Remember Chris Wasser hating on Eurovision last year before Eurosong 2014.) on stage. While Brian Kennedy melted hearts across Europe, Niamh Kavanagh froze them again. This is a modern, fresh, universal pop ballad with great potential for radio airplay in Ireland and Europe. That will go down well with both televoters and juries.

    10. Her maturity is well beyond her years.

    11. No gimmicks. Let’s be honest, apart from JEDWARD genius in 2011, our gimmicks have been pretty bad in recent years. Remember Dustin? Donna and Joe perhaps? Or just simply Can Linn? We’ve won 7 times without any gimmicks. So, maybe we are better off without gimmicks. Look at the Netherlands in 2014 and 2013, 2 fantastic songs without any gimmicks or jokes. Just plain and simple good songs and it even changed their fortunes a full 360 degrees.

    12. The camera angles are focused around Molly. Free of distractions. Centralization is really important if you want to have success in Eurovision. Last year, we had far too much going on on stage and the focus was not on Kasey. It was all over the place and it just folded in on us. The same happened with Ryan Dolan in Malmö, there was far too much focus on the dancers/drummers (they were fantastic) and not on Ryan. With this, it’s merely just Molly and the piano. Which could prove very powerful.

    13. Honesty. I felt that Can Linn last year were very pretentious and that didn’t bode well. Ryan Dolan as well, while OLS was brilliant, it was trying too hard to be Scandipop. Even JEDWARD in 2012, they felt they needed a water fountain to succeed and it was a poor attempt to 2011’s success. With Molly, Playing with numbers is honest and unpretentious. It’s not trying to emulate anyone or any song. That’s a good thing for us this year.

    But what I am REALLY happy about is the fact that we are sending a really good, radio friendly pop song. It’s a welcome break from the fiddle Dee Dee and gimmicks. It’s great to just go back to sending genuinely good music to Eurovision.

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if this ends up as the surprise winner in Vienna to be honest.


  4. I am absolutely heartbroken. Heartbroken. I adored memories and break me up, and wouldve been proud for either to fly the irish flag in Vienna. Im gutted, and my heart goes out to all the losers in the competition. Congrats to Molly. But I am absolutely heartbroken. There is no chance we’re in the final. No chance. Worst entry since 2008. I’m sorry if I’m harsh, but i had to turn off the TV after the vote. I was gobsmacked and traumatized. Best of luck to Molly. But I’m heartbroken.

  5. disgusted at #rte again another night of same old rubbish and faces…embarrassing for a Country that is famed for good songs and musicians…..bring back a proper song contest not a corner of cheap skates #RTE studio…..we are getting more like #craggy island

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